38 special 148 grain wadcutter load data

38 special 148 grain wadcutter load data 90 Round Winchester Win Ammo Ranger . This load taken from the Speer Reloading Manual Number 13 uses Speer cases and CCI 500 primers. I load a target plinking load with 2. I would start with less just to be sure you might drop down to 4 grains and work up from there to be safe if you cannot find data to match your choices. I 39 ve tried some loads with a 158gr SWC and 3. 38 Special 200 grain RN. So then I pull up Hodgdon 39 s online load data and it has a 148 HBWC load at 2. It will shoot well to 50 yards but not to 100 yards. While new technolo Mar 21 2006 Non P . lead cast wadcutter LFP lead flat point Yep. 38 Spl Target Loads Registered Users do not see the above ad. 1 of WW231 with my hard cast wheel weight water quenched wadcutters getting an acceptable group with More Information . 38 Special can be found on the Handgun One thing bugging me is the 3. of Bullseye. 357 2. 50 rounds per box 5 boxes included in this lot. View Larger Image. 38 Specials using Elmer Keith s recipe 13. My favorite Unique load is 4. Item not currently available for order . 358 quot 148 Grain DEWC BB Reloading Missouri Bullets 500 Per Box Md 358148S Missouri Bullet Company We optimize bullets for your intended application. Design to cut perfect holes in paper for easy scoring. p. Jan 20 2020 Well I have a supply of the relatively newish Federal 130 gr. Try www. Gold Medal 38 Special from Federal Premium features a 148 Grain Match Wadcutter bullet. I have a S amp W Model 14 . 358 46. com and search for the Remington 148 gr. 38 Special Wadcutter 148 Grain 50 Rounds. 38 Special Ammo Buy Winchester and Black Hills quot in Gun Tests. They claim a Brinell hardness of 18. Ammunition. hollow base wadcutter bullets from an estate sale years ago. A . Hornady HBWC . 7 May 2018 The Lee 38 wadcutters provide good shooting practice Find in stock . 358 148 Grain Hollow Base Wadcutter Packed These are component bullets not loaded ammunition. Buyer 39 s Club 19. The exclusive knurling system retains lubricant over the entire bearing surface to reduce leading in your barrel. Also known as 38 Smith and Wesson Special . Hornady 125 gr. Ships Within 2 Business Days. I also found that the velocities were much lower than for lead bullets. 38 Special factory loads include a 1 standard 158 grain RN 2 U. 3 grains of Bullseye rather than the classic 2. 64 quot RW 147. Perfect for Revolvers. They all penetrate at least 12 inches and meet law enforcement FBI guidelines. Loads exceeding 970 fps are My . MOST EVERYTHING IN THIS STORE IS FROM MY HUSBAND 39 S COLLECTION OVER THE PAST 68 YEARS. Lead Zero 357 38 Special 148 Grain Hollow Base Wadcutter 500 ct. This is a p ammo. 20 Round Box. 7 grains of Bullseye blowup has never been duplicated in a laboratory. Fed Ex ground shipments are made only to the address listed on the ID provided via Fed Ex. 38 special are the Speer Gold Dot 135 p hollowpoint Corbin DPX all copper bullet 110 grain hollow point 158 grain p lead semi wadcutter hollowpoint FBI load . This is new old stock ammunition it 39 s probably 20 years old. 5 grains . Reloading Bullets Barnes Bullets Berger Bullets DoubleTap Ammo DT Defense 38 Special 148 Grain Wadcutter 50 Rounds 38SP148T50 View Out. Thanks for any help. 38 148 Gr. 357 DIAMETER FOR MATCH BARRELS For PPC Velocity Hi Tek 2 Extreme Coating from J amp M Specialized Products P L Color may vary Price per box of 500 50 count of 38 Special 148 grain bevel base wadcutter ammunition ammo. Going to try some Berry 39 s 148gr plated HBWC for my 38spl revolver. I shoot that bullet in 9mm mostly but also . . 38 Special Ammo collection Other than that interpolate. 38 SWC that incorporated a beveled crimping groove he took his inspiration from the round nosed 358311 and a large capacity quot square cut quot lube Remington 38 SPECIAL 148 GRAIN REM UMC BEVEL BASE WADCUTTER UNION METALLIC CARTRIDGE 50 count AMMO FACTORY LOADS 1012 9 . JHP 158 gr. Basically it is a jacketed full wadcutter with a deeeeep hollow point. IMPORTANT There are potential delays backorders and order cancellations at this time at some nbsp Lead Pistol Bullets 38 Caliber . 38 357 Bullet Mold Mold No. 358 diameter 148 grain Wad Cutter nose bullet suitable for cartridges like 38 Special . No magic loads. 38 special is usually a 148 grain wadcutter 158 grain May 12 2012 The quot traditional quot load for the . 45 ACP and . 38 Special with the 158 grain jacketed bullet load being the most popular among law enforcement officials. 7 to 2. Numbers on the mold are 358 495 121 From what I understand this is for a. The history of 38 special goes all the way back to the turn of the 20th century. This article discusses a relatively uncommon bullet type the wadcutter. Very soft shooting. If you do not anticipate barriers then you will be happy. Each was using the 158 gr. Looking for some 2. is 2. The bullet hardness is 18. I need to get some of those powder coated guys. Good luck and stick with the load books. 98 Availability In stock Lee 2 Cavity Bullet Mold TL358 148 WC 38 Special 357 Magnum 38 Colt New Police 38 S amp W 358 Diameter 148 Grain Tumble Lube Wadcutter is available for purchase in increments of 1 Lee 2 Cavity Bullet Mold 358 105 SWC 38 Special 357 Magnum 38 Colt New Police 38 S amp W 358 Diameter 105 Grain Semi Wadcutter. They are designed for use in a . Fiocchi 38 Special Ammunition FI38LA 148 Grain Lead Wadcutter 50 rounds Lee Double Cavity Mold produces a . 38 loads out of a lightweight revolver is the old FBI load a 158 grain LSWC HP loaded up to P pressures. 38 Special Wadcutters Great product service and price. 38 special 141 grain wadcutter bullet. I just recently bought I 39 ll be using 148 Grain DEWC BB lead bullets btw. 357 Remington Magnum. Very first load I ever loaded was a 148 grain wadcutter with 2. Jul 16 2012 Reloading The . Full Write Up Pocket Guns and Gear Atomic Ammo 38 Special P 148 Grain Hollow Base Wadcutter Loaded Backward Gel Test and Review Just the video . A vintage S amp W Model 40 is the sort of small frame Federal s HST Micro . 358 quot 148 Gr. 148 grain wadcutters are pretty big slugs that use a lot of lead. 38 Special 148 Grain Lead Wadcutter Centerfire Handgun Ammunition Important Product and Safety Information You must be 18 or older to purchase Rifle or Shotgun Ammunition and 21 or older to purchase Handgun Ammunition. Your 4. 0 gr to a max of 2. loads for standard pressure . 38 special load data for berry 39 s 148 gr copper plated hbwc. Data will be standard book . hard to beat a 158 gr. 38 special 150 grain wadcutter standard pressure short barrel low flash ammo specifically for a 2 quot S amp W model 12 air weight Snub. wadcutter target loads. Made from a swaged lead core and featuring a nbsp 6 May 2011 I have lots of data and experience loading hot . 38 Special 148 Gr. 0. I was trying to use one powder for 38 spcl 357 mag. Also included is a 12 gauge primer tool for antique rounds. That 39 s how a Wadcutter is shaped so be aware for speed loader carry. No gimmickry. Price 20. 5 Primer Winchester Small Pistol Powder 5. 1 grains of Unique they shot much better than the same bullet with 3 grains of Bullseye. 7 grains of Bullseye powder. 148 gr wadcutter for . 475 OAL I was getting velocities in the 480 FPS range. 357 Mag etc Century Arms Red Army. I 39 m looking at midrange loads for the Hornady 158gr XTP jacketed as about 4 grains of Bullseye and 5. If . 38 Caliber . The lead bullets are totally enclosed in 100 pure copper plating to cut down on airborne lead and reduce fouling while Feb 24 2016 Look at wad cutter target loads. I know 357 magnum is not designed for cast lead but I like the accuracy of the SWC in 38 special and would like to have some mid range SWC loads for 357. Bulk About the Speer Lead HBWC 38 357 Cal revolver 38 357 Mag Bulk Pk 148 Gr. Federal Ammunition GM38A. Double charge is the answer. How does a 148 grain hollow base wadcutter loaded upside down perform as a personal protection round Read or watch and find out. produces the same 200 ft. 38 Special HPR 158 grain JHP anti personnel loads in moon clips. of. Instead they stake their reputation on dependability accuracy and performance. 38. 10 Apr 2010 Technically this probably should be in the reloading section but it was asked to keep I tried that inverted hb wadcutter load in the 70 39 s when it was quot the hot idea quot . 38 Special 357 Mag 158 grain Semi Wadcutter with Bevel Base FalCoated 500ct For general purpose shooting as well as defensive rounds and used extensively in Cowboy Action Shooting CAS and the 158gr semi wadcutter is hard to beat in either your 38 Special or 357 Magnum. 38 Special 158 gr. These. HBWC. And I 39 ve always preferred HBWC 39 s to double end WC 39 s. 38 Special LWC 148 Grain 50 Rounds available at a great price in our . NOE Bullet Mould 360 148 WC T1 120The 360 148 WC T1 120 is a 4 Cavity Brass bullet mold. 357s I wasn t too interested in target shooting however I did load thousands of rounds of. 38 Spl the lee second edition does list one for a 148 grain wadcutter with green dot but is listed as 2. 38 Special Snub Loads Do you reload I ask because I have a handload that 39 s from the standard pressure . 38 Special bullets for sale. PONE515 PONE515BRICK PONE515CASE PONE515X. 38 Special and . Magtech 38 Special 148 Grain Lead Wadcutter . 38 Special 357 magnum 148 grain lead Wadcutter Hallow Base WCHB by ZERO part number 109. 38 special wadcutter load that uses a very light bullet. 357 Caliber It has normal wear for a tool of this age Great Reloading Tool for your Collection or Use Watch for more reloading items to be listed this week and in upcoming weeks Lots of Great Deals Will combine shipping if you win more than one item Full Payment is The best loads for . The frame can be cut with hot loads an the throat worn out much faster than with lead bullet loads. I keep my truck gun loaded with . 56 45 NATO Load Data 222 Remington Magnum Load Data 22 PPC USA Load Data 225 Winchester Load Data 22 BR Remington Load Data 22 250 Remington Load Data 22 250 Remington Ackley Improved Load Data 220 Swift Load Data 223 Win Super Short Magnum WSSM Load Data 6mm PPC USA Load Data 6mm Creedmoor Load Data Jul 26 2017 The 90 grain slug expanded to . I just ordered several boxes of buffalo bore . 38 Special rounds never shot them in . Plus a wide variety of reloading amp shooting accessories and gun maintenance vises. 2 loads for 140 gr JHPs and 150 gr JHPs are the same so you can probably use the 148 gr wadcutter data as a reasonable starting point for the 138 gr watcutters maybe even bumping it up a tenth of a grain or so. A fairly well known and accurate projectile. 38 Special p 130gr. 15 Jan 2019 My Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook lists wadcutter loads for 357 Magnum some pretty quot hot quot . DEWC with 4. It has served me well for about 36 years. All molds are cut 38 Special . 39 0. W 231 load with the Berry 39 s bullet gives the same velocity as 2. Hard Cast Wad Cutter 850 fps M. 1 grain shy of the max load and 1. 357 pistol and only use . This is an RG4 Removable Guide Style Hollowpoint mouNOE Bullet Moulds is a premium manufacturer of bullet molds and casting tools. All handloads assembled in Starline brass with Winchester Small Pistol primers. 38 or a . With 3. 38 spec . 38 Special 158 grain lead semi wadcutter at P pressures worked then and works now. 38 Special brass with a 148 gr. Bulk Reloading Bullets and Brass 38 Caliber 158 Grain Semi Wadcutter Hollow Point 250 count 38 Caliber 148 Grain Double Ended Wadcutter 250 count Dec 22 2009 Here is a report on the testing of 4 different types of defense grade ammo for the . Before the Speer 135 grain Gold Dot SB and the Corbon 110 grain DPX rounds the old FBI load was the only thing I would consider carrying. 454 Casull 460 Magnum 50 AE 50 BEOWULF 500 S amp W Rifle Ammo 223 300 Blackout 5. From left to right the Remington 125g Golden Saber P the Buffalo Bore 158g LSWC HP the Buffalo Bore 150g Wadcutter and the S amp B 158g JSP. the best load I came up with was 4. 38 Caliber 148 Grain Double Ended Wadcutter 250 The factory made 148 gr. 55 89. c. Most of those wadcutters are pretty slow. 45 Colt I shoot the SAECO 954 235 grain round nose flat point. 1 inch . 38 148 Grain Bullets Important Product and Safety Information You must be 18 or older to purchase Rifle or Shotgun Ammunition and 21 or older to purchase Handgun Ammunition. 38 . This is Federal 39 s modern day equivalent of the . 072 Bullet Overall Length . Internet buzz suggested this load may be a good candidate for personal defense because the bullet has a flat nose and sharp shoulders. 2 gr gr. I don 39 t know why they are loaded longer but I suspect the load data nbsp In 1930 Smith amp Wesson introduced its first . HN Sport High Speed Bullets . It 39 s been stored in a cabinet with desiccant. wadcutter type load will well serve you. 38 Special NOT. 38 Special loaded with 2. Out Of Stock. XTP Sort By Price Low to High Price High to Low Most Popular Title Manufacturer Newest Oldest Availability 100 per page 200 per page 400 per page As a result we feel the best cartridge for . 8 grains of Bullseye throws 3. Yes you have to change the seating depth every time you swich form one type of bullet to another. Mar 27 2011 Virtually all 148 gr. Reloading Archery Hunting Winchester 38 Special 148 gr Wadcutter Police Trade 50 Box CCI 38 Special P 158 gr TMJ Blazer Aluminum Police Trade Ammo 50 Box Reloading Valley SHOTSHELLS Gift Certificate Sign Up. A compendium of accurate small game field loads for the . BARGAIN BULLETS COMPLETE WITH SPECIAL LUBE. if you live in alaska colorado connecticut illinois maryland massachusetts new jersey or district of columbia call before bidding. 357 mag 180 gr Cast Core solids For 38 Special I use 158 gr lead SWC cast 3. Classic Load. 7 Max gr 4. r. Those holes visibility means you ll get instant feedback on your shots accuracy and also make scoring much much easier. 50 430210CB Cowboy 20 cast 38 special 148 gr wadcutter bullets for sale If this is your first visit be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 38 special wadcutter. 38 357 148 GR HBWC ZERO . 380 acp 95 grain Winchester Ranger T 16 . 7 gr 770 fps MAXIMUM. 38 special is more likely around 28000 PSI MAX. I 39 m starting to cook a new batch with 3. Add to Cart. bc description action quot new description quot Technical Information Caliber 38 Special Bullet Weight 150 Grains Bullet Style Lead Wadcutter Case Type Ducta Bright 7a Nickel Plated Brass Ballistics Information Muzzle Velocity 1000 fps Muzzle Energy 333 ft lbs bc description action quot end description quot Hi Tek coating al The . These powders include Blue nbsp Whatever you do DO NOT use load data generated with the longer seating depth to 2. May 15 2020 I still think highly of the LCR but would shoot only 148 grain wadcutters in . wadcutter. 238 quot C. Magtech Sport Shooting . Nominally the bullet is 148 gr. Berry 39 s Superior Plated Bullets 38 Caliber 357 Diameter 148 Grain Plated Double Ended Wadcutter One Time Offers represent special one time purchases where 38 Cal . 45 ACP and the wadcutter makes as clean a hole in the target as you Cheap 38 Special Wadcutter Ammo In Stock 148 gr Lead Wadcutter Ammunition by Magtech For Sale 50 Rounds Bullseye the Gold Standard for standard 38 Spl loads is faster than Red Dot. Palmetto State Armory has a wide selection of . 33. Clay Block Testing of . . 3545. Any load under 4 grains of Unique is pretty tough to measure. I 39 m planning on using 158 grain RNFP coated bullets with Titegroup. 95 Euro Remington has bestowed this 38 Special cartridge with a 148 grain Targetmaster lead wadcutter match projectile. ITEM 20D. A capsule loaded with 8 shot weighs on average 101 gr. 5 max of 700X under the 148 grain wadcutter using a Winchester SP. Read the book. Wadcutter loads for 38 Special. 4 gr. Oct 01 2004 level of desired accuracy is the PPC standard a 148 grain lead hollowbase wadcutter loaded over 2. We can normally only fit 4 boxes of 500 2 000 in a single USPS box. This round virtually has no muzzle flash and is an excellent defensive load with excellent This load comes up in discussions from time to time. 3 gr I ended up loading 10 at 2. When I was active shooting 3 gun Bulls eye matches I used 3. How does a 148 grain hollow base wadcutter loaded upside down perform as a 38 Special P Atomic Ammo 148 Grain HBWC Loaded Backward Do Not Sell My Data. 44 frames Original . The reason for the small load is the powder is fast and space in the case is small so 2. 020892201361. HBWCs I usually size cases with a . 047 . The Magtech brand name is commercially recognized internationally and sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. Federal took a different approach. Lead Bullets . famous was a round nosed lead bullet weighing 158 grains driven to a muzzle velocity of just about 800 fps. It was . 38 Special was the standard service cartridge of most police departments in the United States from the 1920s to the early 1990s. Saeco 052 148 grain 2 alloy OAL 1. Load with 38 S amp W data. Semi Wadcutter Bullets. For the quick trip to town I swap out with . 38 Special Ruger LCR. As a plus if you come across an old quot Bullseye quot powder measure the 2. 1gr 231 yields 800fps with a BB wadcutter and has no data for the HBWC. produces the same 200 ft lbs of kinetic energy as the LRN load fired from a 4 inch gun but it exits the gelatin at 474 fps having a residual energy of only 74 ft lbs and depositing 126 ft lbs Feb 27 2020 A neighbor came by and asked for my opinion regarding using his handloaded . LOAD GUIDE FOR RIFLE AND HANDGUN EDITION 3. 38 Special or . to Cowboy Action shooters or anyone wanting a light plinking load in 38 special. Listed velocity was 770fps with a 148 grain wadcutter lead bullet. Loaded with Gold Medal primers and Federal brass for unmatched performance. This great lube is simply stated the best thing in lead bullets. 358 quot . I plan to buy a 6 cavity mold from Lee soon for this bullet. In fact The Speer Bullets Reloading Manual No. But I really prefer the WCs in . 38 Special case with a very light crimp in the crimp groove that 39 s about 1 8 quot from the end of the bullet. Mar 09 2013 Summary of . 7 or 2. LWC it 39 s the hollowbase dwesign which shoots well in the old S amp W Model 52 pistols as well as revolvers. July 28 2020 Please be prepared for USPS delivery delays. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes Hodgdon 700 X 125 gr. Shotshells. 38 Special . May 25 2018 Media in category quot Wadcutter quot The following 11 files are in this category out of 11 total. Oct 13 2012 158 grain lead sr7625 38 special 148 grain wadcutter universal clays 38 special 158 swaged swc loads 700x 38 wadcutter any body using 700x in 38 special with148 grain hollow base wad cutters clean powder 158gr swc 38 special is 700x a clean burning powder w231 for shotgun Dec 21 2016 The standard target load for the . My father was a big reloader and unfortunately I am not. 3. 38 Spec. I spoke with two officers from other agencies that had been forced to use their snubs against felons. Shop Nosler Products. 8 bushing meant for 2. 130 gr. O. Lotsa loads with Red Dot for the 38 same burn speed as Promo. 105 inches. DEWC OTOH can be loaded mush hotter. MSRP 43. 38 Smith amp Wesson Special ammunition commonly called . 180 quot OAL. Aug 27 2017 My choice of . 38 Special 148 grain wadcutters in his CCW carry gun The 43rd and 44th Lyman Handloading Digests listed a very stout dose of Unique as the Accuracy Load behind the 148 grain WC that has been quot tamed quot in later Lyman reloading books. Lead Bevel Base WC WST 2. 38 Special Ammunition. 38 caliber were 148 grain wadcutters or 158 grain lead roundnose or lead semi wadcutters. 50 round box of Winchester 158gr Lead Semi Wadcutter Hollow Point cartridges in caliber . There is a thread running on the S amp W forum about quot Best nbsp Advice on case prep load data etc. SWC 29. Powder Bul Weight C. 3 gr. 00. 3 grains for 908 fps and 11 800 psi. This Premium Gold Medal ammo is reloadable for those high volume shooters who love to reload their 38 Special ammo. 1 of 231. data. 358 diameter 148 grain Wad Cutter nose bullet suitable for cartridges like 38 Special 38 S amp W 38 Colt New Police 357 Mag. 5 percent hotter than standard . 38 Special loads. 38 Special are quite low even lower than the . I 39 ve Googled the site and found that my load will probably nbsp Google H110 148 gr wadcutter for info on the net using H110 powder. Dies. A 125 grain frangible takes 5. Precision One 38 Special Ammunition 148 Grain Wadcutter 50 rounds This 38 Special cartridge by Magtech offers a 148 grain lead wadcutter projectile. 7 is a load for 148 HB wc for a 38 spec for a S W model 52. 38 Special 130gr FMJ ammo is a great choice for training at the range. S. but runs close to 150 gr. The 2. Each decked an opponent with a single shot each to the chest. 38 Super Carbide sizer and expand with a special wadcutter expander die from RCBS you can actually seat bullets fully with your fingers . 38 Special is 148 grain wadcutters at about 625 to 750 fps depending on barrel length powder primer etc . 38 Special is a versatile American classic. 38 Special is the perfect tool for . 38 44 an early P loading. 38 Special Ammo 148 Gr Wadcutter GM38A. 6 grains of 5 and a maximum of 4. Since 1922 Super X ammunition has provided exceptional quality and outstanding performance for all types of hunters and shooters who rely on its time proven dependability backed by legendary excellence. Well they are are better than the empty . 38 Special wadcutter ammunition is named for its completely flat front that is designed to punch perfect circular holes into paper targets. hollow base wadcutter using Unique. Most of these loads jolted the 158 grain bullet to about 1125 fps. 38 reloads in competition it was probably with a 2. Compare all 38 Special ammunition manufacturers on one easy to read chart. 38 Spl. Pistol Rifle Cowboy 77 gr PLYCS ARX WIN WSP HP 38 Hodgdon 148 gr Lead WCDBB Lake City WIN WSP nbsp Is there a preference between 148 and 158 grain bullets 1 If you use 38 special wadcutter loading data and load the WC in a 357 case nbsp The only 148 gr. 56 5. 38 Smith amp Wesson Special commonly . wadcutter bullets and 2. Just a goof to see what would happen and loaded them to normal . Two unopened boxes of 250 bullets each at 25 and 1 partial box of 208 bullets for 21. The magnum brass can be stiffer than special brass and need more pressure to seal completely. MAGTECH AMMUNITION CO Pistol and Revolver Cartridges . 38 Special ammunition at the best pricesFAST. reloading 148 grain wadcutters use 38 Special data. For most 148 gr. Bullseye or there abouts is the classic load for . Do any of you have any pet loads that you would recommend Any advice nbsp I 39 m loading a 148gr LWC in a 38 Special case for the first time. 5 grains of 2400 under his 168 gr. The Classic 148gr wadcutter used in 38 Special target loads. Oct 09 2012 I tried the Berry 39 s and Rainer plated wadcutters and was disappointed with their accuracy. Aug 10 2008 All my loads are for the pistol data for each caliber. Q I am setting up to cast bullets for my Colt Officers Model Special . Difference is Gives full power standard pressure and is a great field load for the . Lee Bullet Molds are a great choice for reloaders looking for a quality mold at an affordable price. 38 Special 39 s MAP is 17 000 psi whereas for the . Atomic 449. Shop with confidence. The heavy handloads with SWC bullets were fine field loads and good defense loads. P LSWCHP Lead Semi Wadcutter Hollow Point or SWC Semi Wadcutter 890 fps in 4 quot barrel 13. MacPherson Duncan Bullet Penetration Ballistic Publications El Segundo California 1994. by Mike Cumpston. 38 Special cases were cheap and abundant. I load alot of 148 HBWC 39 s for my . I fired 10 39 s of thousands of that range of loads in the late 1950s and early 1960s. A good full power load for . Accurate and pleasant to shoot with mild recoil it is very popular with bullseye shooters. 4gr W231 in a . 0 grains Clays . 38 Special ammunition for your concealed carry snubnose duty revolver or home defense handgun. That was enough to get me addicted Holy grail on . I used Lyman dies at that time instead of RCBS but found my Lyman dies worked just fine for both . 8 gr of Bullseye aiming for a velocity of about 730 fps. solid base wad cutter data. 1 of WW231 with my hard cast wheel weight water quenched wadcutters getting an acceptable group with Reloading Rifle Rimfire Shotgun View All. 38 sp now all using GA Arms 148 grain hardcast full wadcutter bullets. Bullseye is great for light accurate loads in a . 247 Figure 10 2 Cylinder Bullet Penetration Depth. having a residual energy of only 74 ft. 7 grs and a 148 wadcutter in the 38 has cut more x rings than you and i put together will ever see. Mar 21 2008 The 2003 Winchester loading guide has this for 38 Special 148 gr. Jan 16 2016 For sale are 38 Special 148 grain WC bullets. 38 spl 125 grain Nyclad HP 16 . That keeps me above the lead 148 wadcutter minimum and below the 158gr jacketed max. 8 loads are a bit light for my taste since I 39 m not shooting one handed bullseye matches. 7gr of bullseye. The third in this series of Keith 39 s moulds was the 358429 a 173 grain bullet that he put together specifically for heavy loads in S amp W N frame revolvers so called quot . Zero Ammo Reload 38 Special 148 Grain Wadcutter Hollow Base 50 Additional information. I also have an old Sierra manual that has data for a 170 grain FMJ round nose. 76 Round Newly Added The 148 grain wadcutter is as soft shooting as it gets in . 9 gr Bullseye minimum Speer is showing for plain 148gr lead DEWC. Therefore cutting the wad. 38 special ammo is affectionately known as an accurate round with recoil that 39 s mostly manageable. 38Spl 357 500 S amp W Cowboy Action Wadcutters 32 Caliber 44 Caliber 45 Handgun 38 Cal. Standard Pressure Short Barrel Low Flash Heavy . 38 loaded with JHP if I had the choice. 00 0 18. 357s but this article is about . 38 Special Target load 2. The 9mm Luger also known as 9X19mm Parabellum was designed by George Luger and is the most popular and widely used military handgun cartridge. 38 Special 148 Grain Plated Wadcutter Our plated bullets are swaged from a custom alloyed lead for uniformity then plated to final weight and put back in a carbide die to be re struck to the desired final dimension. I bought about 3 or 4 thousand 3 D brand 148 Gr. Here 39 s a few 38 Special loads for prudent hunters to consider as an emergency backup weapon or for very short varmint hunting distances only 1. 38 Match . E. SOLD Zero 109 38 WCHB Box of 500 Asking 30 38 Special 357 magnum 148 grain Hallow Base Wadcutter HBWC by Hornady part number 10208. Speer Gold Dot 135 grain Short Barrel Personal Protection 50 Round Box 38 Special 148 Grain Lead Wad Cutter by Fiocchi. My experiments with Clays and . 10 Read more Hornady 90300 Critical Defense Lite 38 Special 90 gr Flex Tip eXpanding 25 Bx 10 Cs 38 special 148 grain hbwc blazer hollow base wadcutter ammunition ammo 100 count factory loads 418 0 38 special Sep 10 2017 Next I fired a box of Precision Delta 148 grain wadcutters. I found with my Clark 1911A1 . 38 spl that was made in 1970. Its uses its occasional misuses and related esoterica. Note as well this is merely one recipe. Ammo Handgun Federal Gold Medal Match . 04 09 2009 09 22 PM 8 Nov 16 2017 I cast my own WCs. I have found the 38 DEWC to be the best most accurate target rounds I have ever loaded and now after returning from the range after loading up some test 40 S amp W rounds found the same results apply to your 180 RNFP. The 158 grain Lead Semi Wadcutter Hollow Point LSWCHP P round was likely the leading . It takes a very good lot of factory wad cutters to beat this. 38 Special wadcutters loaded cartridges 148 grain hollow base wadcutter bullet and target showing the clean round holes A wadcutter has a flat or nearly flat front that is typically as wide as the caliber size or only slightly smaller in diameter than caliber size. If 90 grains of . Before I used 158 grain round nose bullets This time it was 148 grain wad cutters. Black Hills focus is on handcrafting ammunition for serious folks who demand it works every time without fail. Maintaining point of aim accuracy with a little more power but still mild in the lighter snubbie. Sure there are other suitable powders but these are the proven powders that have given excellent accuracy with cast bullets in past load development. Due to customer demand we 39 ve developed this defensive 38 SPL ammo. Case trim length 1. Paypal and money orders are the only form of payment accepted. I did manage to test them and the 700x lives up to my expectations. 01 or . I 39 ve used it before with pretty good success. Jun 17 2012 Next up is an old standard and one of my favorite target loads the 148 grain hollow base wadcutter backed by 2. If you know someone who reloads try 2 grains of trail boss powder under 148 grain wadcutter. 2 grains of HP38 or WW231 non magnum small pistol primer RP Range and general mid range pistol or Same load for 148 wadcutter or hollow base wadcutter. JHP 125 gr. I fired them all from a S amp W model 637 2 AirWeight 5 shot revolver with a 1 7 8 barrel and a 0. 38 Special for almost 50 years is a 148 grain Wadcutter on top of 3 grains of Bullseye and yes it shoots just fine in my 642. 38 Wadcutters were designed to make scoring easier for pistol bullseye competitions. You won 39 t be able to crimp but that might not be a problem. I 39 ve kinda determined 3. I tested a couple of home cast bullets over different amounts of Bullseye 2. quot For outright accuracy we would try Winchester Super Match 148 grain Lead Mid Range Wadcutter X38SMRP. of Bullseye powder. 38 Special S amp W revolvers. 00 Save 16 37. 38 Special 148 Grain DEWC BB Brinell 12 200 Grain RNFP Brinell 18 For Magnum Loads Hi Tek 2 Extreme Coating Price per box of 500. 38 Special 148 Grain DEWC BB Brinell 12 NOTE . 4 gr for standard loads with 158 gr 3. You might check with buffalo arms and get some cowboy loads for a 38. 38 Special wadcutter bullets. 38 Special wadcutter was top of the line technology 60 years ago. Shooting the Model 52 is a different experience than firing a 1911 some shooters may not care for the trigger action. 37 38 357 148 Gr Double Ended WadCutter. Feb 22 2019 Federal American Eagle 38 Special 130 Grain FMJ. RCBS 38 162 SWC Double Cavity. 5gr of 700X max for a 148gr LBBWC good for 850 fps and Lee Hogdon says 2. 38 Special target load. Very little wear. loads to avoid the problem of bullets Sep 24 2010 Where a 125 grain JHP in. Jan 25 2017 Looking at the performance of the friggin 39 wadcutter I think the optimal 38 snubbie defense load would be something more like the full charge 148 wadcutter at about 800 fps 118 to 120 PF. 80 27. Mar 14 2014 What needs to be emphasized is that 38 Smith and Wesson is a Proprietary load developed by S amp W back in the 1870 s succeeded by the S amp W 38 Police Special 38 Special . Page 2 of 2 lt Prev 1 2. Buy Lead Reloading Bullets here at Midsouth Prices from great brands like Hornady Magnus and Speer Bullets. Home Forums gt Firearm Related gt Reloading gt need load data for . 7 amp 2. Lead 32. I also get nervous when someone uses a near max book charge of whatever pistol shotgun powder in the . more then this it will tumble and you said you wanted a light load for some one to shoot have used 3 grn. FI38LA FI38LABRICK FI38LACASE FI38LAX. Bullet Mold lube and handles sold separately. 38 Special cases preferably cases intended for full wadcutter bullets. Velocities are from a 6 quot barreled K 38. WC 158 gr. 0 grains of Bullseye and see how that does. Fiocchi 38 Special Ammunition FI38LA 148 Grain Lead Wadcutter 50 rounds. My go to load for . I am seating the bullets slightly below the mouth with a slight crimp. 148 grain double ended wadcutters using Unique powder for now. 10 SWC Semi Wadcutter WC Wadcutter LCWC Long Colt Wadcutter HBWC Hollow Base Wadcutter TC FP Truncated Cone Flat Point A target velocity factory 148 gr. 38 Special may become my amp quot go to amp quot informal plinking load revolver or semi auto. 38 Special round delivers a maximum average pressure of 17 000 PSI. 358 148 gr HBWC Item 10208 250 Box . BUFFALO BORE AMMO . The broad flat tip of this bullet makes it perfect for training and competitive shooting as it will cut a very clean hole through a target that is both easily visible and easily defined for scoring practices. The brass shell extends up to the front of the bullet. 99. I was a little disappointed in the trick handload of a 148 grain backward wadcutter. 8 grains of Bulls Eye and a 148 grain hollow base wadcutter. 38 Special case would bulge after expanding with the The leading distributor of quality reloading components and ammunition. 148 gr LWC VEL 657 f s PEN 20 quot RD 0. P. Nov 27 2010 Why doesn 39 t anybody make a . 8 grains of Bullseye. 6 g bullet is propelled to only 690 ft s Nov 30 2018 Winchester . 5 grains is right close to the upper limit for standard pressure load. 7 grains of Unique. If you 39 re unsure or just want options check as many boxes as you 39 d like. Bullseye behind that bullet seated flush with a very light roll crimp applied. 38 Special load was designed for. The load outperforms my ability to hold. 38 Special match ammunition is made with only the very best components available such as reloadable brass cases double based clean burning powder and total copper jacketed bullets. I am looking for feedback on your semi wadcutter 357 magnum loads. 380 acp 90 grain jacketed flat point 16 . 2 gr. Sellier amp Bellot Pistol . With my two new . 38 Special Midrange Target wadcutter has been around throughout most of the 20 th century and has one specific and specialized reason for being. Hornady May 05 2016 The Hodgdon site runs 2. 38 SPECIAL P 158GR. A 200 grain LRN . 38 special wadcutters. 5 grains of Titegroup with a OAL of 1. A. Over 60 profiles and grain weights of the shooting industry 39 s Superior Plated Bullets. 38 caliber 158gr DEWC 1 000 at a time. 4 May 2016 148 gr Wadcutter 38 Spcl Load Handloading Reloading and Bullet Casting. Magtech 39 s main objective is to provide shooting enthusiasts with absolutely reliable totally affordable Dec 23 2009 In my testing that produced a velocity of 581 feet per second which is reasonable for a 158 grain bullet and compared well against a Magtech factory load 158 grain LRN . 38 Specials pose for comparison l. 38 Special FMJ SP WC SB 3. This one of course has just a little more umph but hardly noticeable. The 148gr DEWC load is 3. 14 Dec 2009 there is nothing in the reloading manual i have on this bullet. I tried many load combinations from everything I ever read to get the 158 gr. A relatively low muzzle velocity of 690 feet per second results in extremely low felt recoil for this round even in lightweight revolvers. 45 ACP with the Lee TC bullet and seats them to 1. 38 44 loads quot . 455 in. Made in the USA with premium components American Gunner ammunition combines generations of ballistics know how with modern . Lead Bullet for practice shooting competition matches small game. Molds were Lee 148 DEWC microgroove H amp G 148 grain solid base button nose wadcutter . DoubleTap Ammunition 38SP148T50 Desert Tech Defense 38 Special 148 GR Wadcutter Cast Bullets . is accurate and cheap. 455 quot 4. For . can use existing 148gr. lbs. Most of the loaded cases will not fully chamber. 7 grains of Bullseye is a MAXIMUM load with the WC seated flush in WC brass 2. 38 Special I shoot the RCBS 148 grain wadcutter with 2. That bullet is quite soft as Sky Pilot mentions. 0 gr of Bullseye pushing a 148 gr wadcutter. 38 Special loads for that bullet that seem pretty hot and don 39 t mention pressures at all. PS always confirm with published factory data 158 gr lead SWC cast 3. For target loads 357 cases 148 grain double ended wadcutters start with 2. 7 through 3. they tend to be milder than the typical factory load. For target shooting with a . 38 Special loads with all bullet weights and most styles are contained within hand loading notes kept but the above three are most often used. Our exclusive knurling system retains lubricant over the entire bearing surface to reduce leading in your barrel. The manufacturers eventually gave us the. 95 Euro Full factory box of 148 grain wadcutter by Remington Box is in great condition. 38 Special Gold Medal is a new production non corrosive with boxer primers and brass cases. Hornady 38 Caliber . 155 Cartridge OAL 1. At 703 fps from the two inch. 25 3. Our next review will be on the performance of the . FBI Load 158 gr. The Accurate sight has a start load of 3. LWC 50 rds. 358 quot Brick Red Coated Bullets Apr 07 2012 I am getting ready to load up my first batch of . Dec 17 2005 The table states this load data may also be used for BB wadcutters as well. 38 Spc is a rimmed centerfire cartridge designed by Smith amp Wesson. 890 fps from a 4 quot barrel. 50 2. 38 Special. 38 Special 148 gr. DoubleTap Ammunition 38SP148T50 Defense 38 Special 148 GR Wadcutter WC 50 Bx 20 Cs DoubleTap 39 s DT Defense is specifically designed for your compact 380 39 s by Kel Tec Ruger Kahr DE and Taurus. LYMAN 4 CAVITY 38 CALIBER 148 GRAIN WADCUTTER BULLET MOLD W HANDLES amp BOX Mold For 38 Special 357 Magnum 170 Grain Semi Wadcutter Bu 45 Caliber 200 Grain Semi The Hodgdon manual had a cowboy action load i think with 158 gr swc going from 2. Bullet Remington 148 Hollow Base Wadcutter HBWC or Zero 148 HBWC 2nd choice I can 39 t really find any load data for the plated HBWC 39 s. 0 of Titegroup or 3. Penetration will be inconsistent specifically. 38 Spc pronounced quot thirty eight special quot is a rimmed centerfire cartridge designed by Smith amp Wesson. This results in a very mild recoil and report the pressure levels on the . in the range of 35 000 psi while the pressure for a . bullet arriving at 1250 fps and penetrating a foot deep while expanding to over half an inch is considered quot marginal quot by your standards I think we have some ground rules we have to establish. Speer 38 Caliber 148 Grain Hollow Base Wadcutter Lead Bullet 500 Box 4618 Not Loaded Winchester Reloading Precision One 38 Special Ammunition Seconds PONE982 148 Grain Copper Plated Wadcutter 100 Rounds Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best Perfect for the high volume target shooter this package contains 500 rounds of Remington Target 38 Special ammunition. 38 Special P loads which replaced the . Mar 31 2020 Target load for extreme accuracy efforts is a 148 grain hollow base wadcutter over 2. load. It 39 s a great powder for 38 39 s in my opinion. Then select your bullet weight powder manufacturer and powder type. Made from a swaged lead core and featuring a hollow cavity base our HBWC bullets are renowned for their consistency and match winning accuracy. 8 quot amp . 38 Special 148 grain LHBWC loads. My first 6 cavity was the Lee 105 grain SWC . 5 grains Unique Precision One 38 Special Ammunition 148 Grain Wadcutter 50 rounds. The dry lube works as long as you do not push them too hard. 38 Special wadcutters are considered target loads but also work well as a defense load for snub nosed lightweight revolvers. Jacketed hollow point or soft point 5. The FBI load in . wadcutter ammo. good luck Winchester 38 Special Match 148 grain wadcutter ammo. I have loaded 38 Special wadcutters 148 grain for years and became curious about loading them in 357 Magnum looking for a bit more velocity . Find great deals on eBay for wadcutter mold. Over time I may change it or just switch to something else entirely. W231. I 39 ve mostly used Bullseye with the 148 grain and . 358 quot 148 gr Fits . 38 P loads are on the menu I load them with HS 7. 357 and 38 special loads. brass loaded with 5. Preferred loads with my bullet Lyman 359495 are 2. 327 Magnum model. We don 39 t take a 38 Special 380 ACP 40 S amp W 41 Magnum 44 Special 44 Magnum 45 ACP 45 Long Colt 45 G. I know that Hodgdon powder specifially lists the Hornady LHBWC in their data. The resized cases fit easily into the chambers. 7 grains of Bullseye or the new equivalent 3. 9 gr Tightgroup CCI 500 148 gr. com. lbs. 3 gr 231 to be the MAX load for the HBWC and yielding 770fps. This book which appears here in English for the first time provides both experienced reloaders and beginners with extensive and well illustrated information about reloading with H amp N High Speed bullets. Still this is not a shoot it all day long kind of gun in my opinion. 38 Special wadcutter reloads average sub 2 inch 5 shot revolver groups at 50 yards from Ransom Rest in long series of targets. Lead Wadcutter Box of 50. MPN X38SMRP . P XTP JHP. A standard weight bullet for the . 38 Special 100 grain Lead Free Ball Centerfire Pistol Ammunition 41. 38 2. 38 Special load for bullseye competition is a 148 grain wadcutter over 2. 38 Special Gold Cup Mid Range. It performed last week much the same as it did 30 years ago. LSWC over a standard primer in good. Speer plastic shot capsule Lead shot from 9 to 1 . 358 148 Grain Hollow Base Wadcutter 4618 Ammo Freedom carries speer reloading bullets and reloading supplies. 359 We can size this bullet for 38 special or for 380. I loaded a box of them quot backwards quot with the base cavity serving as a quot hollow point quot . of TrailBoss Note H110 amp W296 are the same as of 2008 as is HP 38 amp W231 Jun 21 2012 The accurate load data page says a 148 grain wadcutter needs 3. 38 Special Manufacturer Loading Data. 9 to 3. 669 without any problems Atomic Ammo 38 Special P 148 Grain Hollow Base Wadcutter Loaded Backward Gel Test and Review While we may never know who was the first to load a 148 grain hollow base wadcutter bullet upside down they should be credited perhaps posthumously with creating one of the most talked about quot specialty quot handgun loads of modern times. You can buy . Oct 19 2019 The 148 grain wadcutter is as soft shooting as it gets in . Federal Premium Centerfire Handgun Ammunition . Can start out with the same load data for both bullets. Now I have found on Winchester 39 s web site that 3. Atomic Ammunition 39 s . Others may opt for this recommendation but I disagree with it. 358 Nov 14 2012 Probably one of the hardest recoiling . 38 bullet and if I could expect similar results through light clothing I might consider carrying it during the warm months Then when jacket and coat weather makes a return I could go back to the 148 gr wadcutters as the 2 quot J frame goes back to work as a BUG only gun vs. 7 grains of Bullseye and a 148 grain full wadcutter. 15 Feb 2011 Any one have used Herco or Green Dot in the . If it is you can probably crimp them in a 9mm die. It is a 148 gr bullet going at pellet rifle velocity. Accuracy in single action fire was good for this class of handgun. I 39 ve put thousands of them through my Fred Schmidt short cylinder PPC gun. 38 Special 148 Grain DEWC BB Apr 18 2018 The . It just doesn t perform well in barrier testing. 357 bullets are wadcutters of some type anyone with loading data at all includes it but 2. Lee 6 cavity block produces a . I wanna push it about 850 FPS. 38 special wadcutters Discussion in 39 Ammo amp Reloading 39 started by criticalbass Aug 6 2009. However the classic PPC load does not have enough power to make Minor in any competitive A revolver chambered in . Using Titegroup as an example the Lee manual gives a maximum load for 38 Special as 3. You can shoot these without any drama or icepacks especially the wadcutters. Mold does not include handles and appears to function fine. Magtech 38B Range Training 38 Special 148 GR Lead Wadcutter LDWC 50 Bx 20 Cs Manufactured to the highest standards for consistent quality and exceptional performance. I know I have fired 100 000 wadcutter target loads in it and the barrel still looks new. May 19 2017 ANOKA Minnesota May 18 2017 Federal Premium Ammunition s Personal Defense HST Micro loads fuel peak performance from subcompact concealed carry handguns. Bullseye is the standard target load. I have had decent results with 125 to 158 grain lead bullets over 2. Nov 14 2012 Probably one of the hardest recoiling . Aug 08 2017 Loads for . hollow based wadcutter fired from a 6 inch K 38 which strikes the gelatin at 780 f. Sportsman 39 s Guide has your Magtech . 6 grains for 45 acp not sure about 38 special. I wanted low recoil and I did not want p because of the alloy frame. 38 Special Plated Wadcutters Dec 31 2016 With a 148 grain wadcutter this was my standard PPC load. FACTORY LOADS. 357 Mag etc. com The classic. Nov 18 2019 Ive been reloading 45ACP amp 9MM with very good success just getting into 38 special and am having difficulty with charge data amp OAL. 38 Special loading for police forces across the U. Colt tried to enter the competition with the pistol you have but instead of using the tilting barrel locked breech design of other Govt. 38 and an angry tone of voice but I would take the . With a charge of only 3. Handloaders can duplicate this cartridge using . 38 special The standard target load at the time was a 148 gr. 49. 357 UPC 819304313194 Quality easy to use . 1. 38 Special Cowboy Action load data and these are powder puff loads with 140 grain bullets. 358 quot 148 gr Lee Wadcutter Pistol Mould Handles Sold Separately 6 Cavity 358 148 WC . 56x45 7. and depositing 126 ft. 3 grains. 38 Special 148 grain Lead Wadcutter Brass Cased Centerfire Pistol Ammunition 44. However after about 5 000 of those beauties the bore of my GP 100 got a bit quot Leady quot and I had to de lead it. This is the classic. Federal HST . LEAD SWC HP 20 PACK 28. 38 Special P ammo can be as much as 17. The 38 39 s and now the 40 39 s are just perfect. 38 Special brass without spending an arm and a leg. p. in my alloy. 357 quot JHP 125 Grain bullets for reloading bag of 100 These bullets are from a brand name manufacturer over run with real copper jackets not cheap plated bullets. 357 Wadcutter. 99 0. 7 x 58mm Jap Rimfire Ammo 17 HMR 22 Long Rifle 22 Mag Shotgun Ammo 410 12 Gauge 20 Feb 11 2010 I 39 m developing a target load for 38 Special. Like my favorite old smoky powder Bullseye that is also hard to find Target loads with Bullseye can be as low as 3. Jun 18 2013 I picked up a box of . Am I going to have any issues with ignition The OAL 1. Vintage Winchester Western. 9gr which should be 798 fps and work up to the 4. 5 CREEDMOOR 350 Legend 7. 38 Special the Hornady 148 grain hollow base wadcutter HBWC is a good choice. using book data for the 452374 same weight which indicates 1 Apr 14 2008 And the load most use is the 148 grain 38 target wadcutter. Diameter . 38 special 148 gr wadcutters used to be 2. 94 Non Member 20. 38 special wadcutter load but they can have pretty drastically different velocities from one brand to the next. I think I would go with a lighter Hydra Shok in a P or another personal defense load. X38SPD. Those were PO Ackley 39 s recommendations for 148 gr bullets in 1962 and still valid today. Though full wadcutter bullets are often unreliable in semi automatic pistols except for the Smith amp Wesson Model 52 semi wadcutter bullets usually work much better. It 39 s taken a long time to ID which brass is ok with plated bullets. Both Colt and S amp W made semi auto 39 s for 38 Special. I know I can order online but would like to spend my cash supporting the local shops. Jan 10 2013 4 Easy to learn because of the myriad of loadings for the . These gallery loads are almost silent when fired from my Marlin 1894 lever action. 8 grains of Bulls Eye for 720 fps from a 4 inch barrel. long nosed semi wadcutter. Reloading. SKU 38B. These Wadcutters leave consistently clean holes. All reloading practices apply I 39 d reduce by 10 percent and work up to ensure safety in your firearms. 38 Special wadcutter second from left compared to hollow point semiwadcutter and full metal jacket bullets. Federal American Eagle . Reloading Archery Hunting Winchester 38 Special 148 gr Wadcutter Police Trade 50 Box Federal 38 Special P 129 gr Hydra Shok JHP Tactical Police Trade Ammo Aug 22 2017 . 38 Special 148 gr. Mar 12 2009 These are all listed as max loads so do the reductions and work up as appropriate. The good Hornady 148 grain HBWC bullet was used. Swaged While some competitors enjoy casting their own lead wadcutters there is an advantage in buying factory swaged lead bullets instead swaging does not leave any voids in the bullet that can cause This is a update to my viewers about what is happening with the channel. 357 quot and weigh 125 garins. 38 S amp W 9mm 380 Misc. 8 grains of nbsp 27 Jan 2012 Can some one suggest some load data for . In addition there is little fatigue on the bullet caster because of the mould s light weight and it heats up and cools down a lot faster than heavier moulds. The Lee 38 wadcutters provide good shooting practice 223 Remington Load Data 5. 357 Mag 125 grain Winchester HP . Oct 29 2013 The standard loading was a general purpose load not good for much but the 148 grain wadcutter was a great target load. The Model 19 is fine with . At that point the . A wadcutter is a special purpose flat fronted bullet specifically designed for shooting paper targets usually at close range and at subsonic velocities typically under approximately 900 ft s 274 m s . Our customers wanted some devastating 38 SPL loads that would fill the following criteria. Nov 14 2018 I 39 m looking for some local source of loaded 148 gr. 7 grains to start and 2. 00 Hornady lead bullets are pre lubricated extra hard and cold swaged for total uniformity and balance. Average penetration is about 12 inches depending on testing variables. Apr 04 2003 . 38 Spl . 38 Special Manufacturer Loading Data gr 135 gr 140 gr 145 gr 146 gr 148 gr 150 gr 157 gr Hodgdon Clays Hodgdon H4227 Hodgdon HP 38 Hodgdon HS 6 Hodgdon 38 Special Load Data 357 Magnum Load Data 158 Grain No Additional Data Cartridge Information. 4 grain CFE Pistol 775 FPS Shot from Dan Wesson 8 quot barrel These loads are recommended for Hard Cast or Coated Bullets Only. An entire stable full of . And being a purist this is the same ammunition I carry in my . 38 Special P loads have a MAP limit of 20 000 psi. 38 Special Target Auto I 39 ve got a bunch of cases left over from a large handloading session that I 39 d like to load up with some hard cast 148 grain wadcutters. 7 grains of Bullseye. My go to load for. All have been stored in a cool dry environment. Mar 04 2014 My issue is that 3. Aug 26 2009 It will then fit in your 38 Special gun. 1 grains of Bullseye was the traditional target load for 148 gr. 38 brass. jpg 2 272 1 704 763 KB. The standard target load at the time was a 148 gr. of Bullseye powder and had excellent accuracy results in either a . Q Why Why would retired cops use such anemic loads in a lightweight aluminum frame gun when so many better loads are available A Because you will likely never use the gun anyway so carry the lightest gun you can with the most capable controllable ammo. Low prices fast shipping on all products. Federal Premium 38 Special Lead Wadcutter 148gr 50Box. Let us know how the accuracy works out with your new loads. Out of The . The Wadcutter design features a sharp shoulder which is made to cut a clean round hole in a paper target. Sporting Accessories. 38 Special vs 9mm comparison. 38 Special firing target velocity 148 gr wadcutters both double ended and HBWC has been 2. 158 gr. 50 and a commercial swagged Delta 148 hbwc. 38 section of my Speer 10 manual that puts a 148 gr plated wadcutter out the front of a 1 7 8 quot snub barrel at 895 fps so it should do about the same out of the 2 quot bbl of your Agent great gun BTW . The . I bought a chronograph the other day and will start 3. 357s I wasn nbsp 18 Apr 2009 I need the load data for 148 grain wadcutters using unique or bullseye powder. For close range plinking and casual target practice how about using an 80 grain bullet Small bullet and light powder load cheap and fun to use at range. It is designed to punch cookie cutter holes in paper targets thus making the targets easy to score. 38 revolver that does not like this combination. 2 grains of HP38 or WW231 non magnum small pistol primer RP Range and general mid range pistol or carbine Same load for 148 wadcutter or hollow base wadcutter. Home gt 38 SPECIAL gt 38 Special 148 gr. 38 Special with 148 grain wad cutter bullets and IMR Trail Boss powder. Find speer reloading for sale online in stock and ready to ship at AmmoFreedom. The high tolerances to which the bullet has been crafted ensure that it perfectly hurtles down a revolver s bore delivering the very sort of accuracy which wins shooting competitions in the right hands. 38s are limited. According to the Lee manual the OAL is only . 99 brownells. 5 grains behind a 158 grain cast LSWC. SWC GC 158 gr. When using 38 Special data in 357 mag. 358 diameter bullets whether solid The . 38 Special case capacities for . 357 quot 1. 62 x 51 308 30 06 30 CARBINE 45 70 458 SOCOM 450 Bushmaster 6. Dec 20 2014 I don 39 t know the gun you have but if you 39 re looking for something to discourage hogs and other pests if it 39 s rated for P I would choose a good 125gr jacketed hollowpoint load. W 231 with the Remington LHBWC. I have slugged the bore which measures . Some have stated that the quot best quot load for the snub is the lightly loaded target 148 grain wadcutter since the others don 39 t work when fired through denim and the wadcutter has light recoil. 357 Magnum 148 grain Wadcutter box of 100 9176 9676 17. would be appreciated. 16 quot is the case length but there 39 s still al lot of space in the cartridge for the powder to move in. 38. Accessories. 38 Special Cartridge Information. Packaged in heavy 6 Mill plastic bags. 874 fps with a Speer 148 gr. 38 Special is a rimmed centerfire cartridge by Smith amp Wesson. 38 Special Jan 16 2014 The Federal Gold Medal 38 Special Wadcutter Match is a target load that is known for mild recoil exceptional accuracy and leaving perfect round circles in paper targets. jacketed hollow point lead round nose lead semi wadcutter and full wadcutter. As commercially loaded the flush seated wadcutters are a low powered round designed to punch nice clean holes clustered in small groups in paper. Lead SWC WST 3. 38 Special HBWC 148 Gr posted in Reloading Looking for some opinions. Jan 29 2019 And I got my best accuracy with 2. Handloader Issue 284 June 2013 Be Alert Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data. loading and Unique covered a lot of ground but light target loads were not in it 39 s profile. Magtech Revolver . 4 grains Unique at approx. 75 Round May 15 2017 quot The NRA Reloading Handbook has a section on using minimum charges of Bullseye in revolver rounds. Throughout the years bullets from 110 grains all the way up to 200 grains have been loaded in the . Reloading H amp N bullets. 3555 130gr FMJ 100 per bag The load that made the . Sep 23 2003 The 158 grain lead SWCHP showed that it can offer some expansion on bare gelatin at least but really did not outpenetrate some of the 125 grain loads where both bullets failed to expand. In 1974 the SAAMI established standards for today 39 s . quot The classic 38 special 148 grain wadcutter load of 2. from the 1980s through the 1990s until the revolver was replaced by the semi automatic pistol as the standard police duty handgun. Bullseye or 3. 2 grains HP38 or WW231 with RP small pistol non magnum primer My carry ammo for Find what you need in four easy steps. Apr 10 2009 bullseye got it 39 s name from being designed for use in the 38 special for bullseye shooting. 6 grains of 5. So components for it are readily available and they are reasonably priced. Period. for the . 38 spl 148 grain lead wadcutter 16 . Winchester SUPER X HANDGUN . Hornady Jan 16 2014 The Federal Gold Medal 38 Special Wadcutter Match is a target load that is known for mild recoil exceptional accuracy and leaving perfect round circles in paper targets. Precision Delta 148 grain Hollow Base Wadcutter bullets make a great choice for any 38 Special hand loader. 9 max personally i 39 m not real fond of load data nbsp 28 Jan 2016 This load comes up in discussions from time to time. Dec 30 2016 I load both 148 HBWC and coated 148 DEWC. 5 grains of black powder and 358156 148 grain SWC HP 2 Buffalo Arms Custom 158 HB RN 3 Lyman If the look of a wadcutter bullet sticking out of a . Four . serving as the sku cartridge style weight grs rounds per box boxes per case avg. It hardly expands at all but its sharp edged profile makes it an efficient full caliber cutter that creates a larger permanent cavity than a slug with a rounded ogive such as FMJ or a JHP that failed to expand . The yaw not yawl will likely have a very negative effect of the desired straight path of the bullet through tissue too. wadcutter and SWC bullets for many years. They next traveled about a mile down the road and broke into a small business apparently looking for cash. 3 gr of Bullseye but it seems they are still a little heavy on the recoil for my combat league shooting. For years the most popular . Whether it 39 s single action or food for the 45 70 we have the Lead Bullet to fit your Reloading needs Handloaders desiring a bit more steam have even seated those hollow based wadcutter bullets upside down above a stiffer charge than normally found in factory wadcutter target loads. 2 for Mid Range with the 148 WC. Oct 04 2009 148 gr wadcutter loaded with 2. 38 ammo with 148 grain lead wadcutters. Related products. 38 Special Left to right 148 gr. A photo ID showing proof of legal age 21 years is required. 38 Special BuyItNow 18. all so can also use www 230 any of the fat burn powders you want to play around 700 x will work all so GD and Red dot. Wadcutters have also found favor for use in self defense guns such as . For 2017 the HST Micro line has been expanded to include a 130 grain 38 Special P load with a deeply seated bullet that eliminates excess air space in the case. Speer Reloading Bullets Lead 38 Caliber . Typically the velocity in 6 revolver barrels or in the 5 barrel of the much admired S amp W 52 semi auto pistol was around 750 800 fps. SWC 160 gr. 0 gr. I 39 m getting concerned about the space in the case. 357 Magnum 85 grain Wadcutter box of 100 There are extensive load data available for high speed bullets. 16 Jan 2014 One of my friends was shot with this load during a bank robbery the bullet struck his pelvis and stopped. This old school cast lead bullet design contains a crimp groove and the face of the bullet has a small nipple that tends to help when shooting over 25 yards. So with a standard pressure 38 special load some compromises need to be made. Any thoughts or experience from any body Dec 15 2004 They were always the most challenging to do though and tricky to get to function reliably because of the very light recoil of the . 5gr max for 804 for a quot 148gr Wad Cutter quot . 8 grains of Bulls Eye. No individual 500ct boxes just a double poly bagged box of 3 000 bullets You save on the price PLUS you save on shipping. quot quot . 38 Special ammo is the Buffalo Bore 158 grain hard cast SWC quot Outdoorsman quot load along with a Speer snake shot round with extra reloads in belt carriers with Quick Strips and I also carry moon clips in my vest pocket. 38 Special data and I ll not attempt to hotrod the loads. It is most commonly used in revolvers. What Pound spring is recommended I am shooting 148 gr. 357 nbsp of load data. 38 Special could easily fill The . 358 Diameter 148 GR WCHB per 1000 Quantity in Basket None Code R109 A Mar 04 2014 If your grandfather shot . 255 of that volume and should give you exactly what you need. of kinetic energy as the LRN load fired from a 4 inch gun but it exits the gelatin at 474 f. And many are lighter than the . winchester 38 special 148 grain super match lead wadcutter 500 rounds we do not ship firearms to california hawaii new york city or washington d. 36 quot RL 0. 357 mags with 158 gr bullets but I want to use 148 gr plated wadcutters HBWC or any 2. Northeast Reloading is your source for bulk Hornady Sierra Berry 39 s. Hornady lead pistol bullets are pre lubricated and cold swaged for total uniformity and balance. military 130 grain FMJ and a 3 . and transfer of my Personal Data and Non Personal Data as defined nbsp 11 Jul 2018 Is the load data the same 38 Special 148 Grain Plated Wadcutter Our plated bullets are 38 Special and it is a 148 grain load Bullets. 7 gr is a really small amount of powder in the 38 Special case. The lead bullets are totally enclosed in 100 pure copper plating to cut down on airborne lead and reduce fouling while costing much less than jacketed projectiles. 5 gr of bulleseye was an accurate load and worked for her. Do yourself a favor and start reloading for yourself. Since 1926 Magtech has manufactured its own components bringing their customers full quality control over every stage of the manufacturing process as well as the final product. 38 Long Colt Dec 05 2010 Re Favorite . Specifications amp Features Ballistic Coeffient 0. 7 gr 700 fps MAXIMUM. Slow Go Mar 21 2011 Prvi Partizan Bullet 38cal . s. I keep thinking about trading it for a Model 27 or maybe one of the new Pythons for extra weight. 45 ACP cartridge in the Jul 30 2015 So with that first Model 15 I started assembling a few hundred 38 cases I had scrounged off the sheriff s department gun range. Bullets. HBWC hollow base wadcutter and 2. 9 grains BE is maximum with the first band of a typical 148 grain WC exposed. 357 Mag 3 gr Bullseye in a . 38 WC loads is pretty much right on. 7 gr Bullseye. 357s. HDY XTP Hodgdon Titegroup . May 12 2012 The quot traditional quot load for the . I shoot the coated ones in 357 Magnum to about 950 FPS and could go much hotter. Author 39 s bullets and Speer 148 grain wadcutters all tested 4 on the hardness tester. It is also still in time. 357 Diameter . 38 37. IMR says 3. 8 gr. 20 boxes per case The . Oct 16 2009 In the . Jan 02 2008 Federal still loads the 38 spec with 148 gr wadcutter. This was the first . Presses. Good source of info on full charge wadcutters with other powders is the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook 4th Edition 2010 . Cast Bullets . I told the OP to go to the Hodgdon 39 s reloading center and look at the . Box of 500 Shipping Weight 11 Lbs Sized at . Tumble Lube Version of the 148 grain 38 wadcutter bullet. L. This is a full power service load that I first saw suggested by Skeeter Skelton. 265 quot showing only the max. But your wadcutter is pushed in deeper. The Lyman cast bullet handbook max load . With my two new. Rifle Hollowpoint 41 Caliber 45 Rifle 40 Cal 10 mm 475 Caliber 512 Caliber cast bullets casting cowboy action shooting 500 S amp W mold mould semiwadcutter keith round nose wadcutter Complete 38 special ammunition ballistics Chart. They are not wiz bang loads like modern ammo but a lot of people died back in the old days when shot with this type of bullet. 32 H amp R Magnums in the . Also 158 gr. 38 148 grain wadcutters through the rifle magazines. These are unobtainable in current market. Precision One 38 Special Ammunition Seconds 1012 148 Grain Copper Plated Wadcutter 100 Rounds Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best HN Sport High Speed Bullets . Apr 07 2012 Keep at it you 39 ll get down in a short while. 38 CAL Hard Cast Lead Reloading Bullets. wadcutter either solid or hollow base with 2. Hollow Base Wadcutter Lead Pistol Bullets Box of 250 Permanent Link to Product Page Oct 07 2014 I have her practice with 130gr standard 38 Special loads to keep her confidence up. HBWC is the most accurate . 38 Special P it is 20 000 psi. I plan on shooting 3. For years the working load was a soft lead cast or swaged 148 gr. RCBS 2 Cavity Bullet Mold 38 148 WC 38 Special 357 Magnum 358 Diameter 148 Grain Wadcutter Product Family 1010262010 Reloading Supplies May 30 2013 I 39 m working on some loads for my . midwayusa. 38 Special bullet I have ever loaded for paper targets. I do this for my . It is most commonly used in revolvers although some semi automatic pistols and carbines also use this round. I buy the . 357. He 39 d been shot through the heart with a . 38 Special cartridges fire a flat headed 148 grain bullet that punches a nice round hole in a paper target. Use in my speed loader was cumbersome. wadcutters I 39 ve used regularly is the Speer hollow base. 5 gr 665 fps starting to 2. Pdx1 Jhp 50 pack 45. Mild recoil and quite accurate. 38 Special P 158 LSWCHP quot FBI Load quot once manufactured by Winchester Federal and Remington. The wadcutter s broad flat tip makes it absolutely perfect for shooting paper targets as it will punch very neat holes through them. 001 longer than the case. Due to demand this item is limited to 2 per order. Powder i use for them is 231. Oct 17 2014 Unique is just not one of the better powders for the soft HBWC 39 s. You will probably find more load data for faster powders like Titegroup and hp 38. You may have to register before you can post click the register link above to proceed. The following data some from p. Reloading Supplies Zero Bullets in 500 quantities Brass Information 38 Special . Black Hills 38 Special Ammo 148 Grain Hollow Back Wadcutter Black Hills Cowboy Action 38 Special Ammo 158 Grain Lead Conical Nose Browning 38 Special Ammo 130 Grain 1 4 oz Trail Force Browning 38 Special Ammo 130 Grain Full Metal Jacket CCI Blazer 38 Special Ammo 125 Grain P Jacketed Hollow Point Matts Bullets 38 Cal. The old stadard load was 2. Speer Lead HBWC 38 357 Cal revolver 38 357 Mag Bulk Pack Bullets . 00 RCBS Reloading Equipment Dual Cavity Gun Firearm Bullet Mold 38 158 CM Flat Nose 358 477 Lyman Ideal Bullet Mold Mould 38 Special 357 Mag 150 gr Semi Wadcutter Winchester Ammunition 38 Special 148 Grain Hollow Base Wad Cutter 500 Rounds CASE. 380 acp 90 grain Full Metal Jacket 16 9mm 124 grain Hornady Tap FD 16 9mm 124 grain Federal HST 16 The . This has left me with a great deal of componets I am hoping to move to someone who can use it as he did. 2 of VV N 320. The other . 38 Sp JHP loads or too much penetration like with the wadcutters then go with penetration. for plinking and mouse patrol a 148 gr wadcutter SWC double ended etc. 0 load for 148 grain Hollow base wadcutters that shooters used to use in the S amp W model 52. LSWCHP P but I don 39 t remember which brand. 3 gr 705 fps starting to 3. Some of these loads are from the Lyman book All 357 loads are developed using an 8 quot Dan Wesson revolver. Federal 38 Special 148gr Synthetic Jacket Wadcutter Handgun Ammo 50 Rounds The Federal Syntech Range rounds are synthetic jacket wadcutter. This is pretty much a standard target load of long standing. 1 grains of Winchester 231 powder velocities run around 750 to 800 fps with good accuracy and mild recoil. Jul 30 2020 Accuracy from both guns was acceptable but nowhere as good as I expected. 49 Save 10 37. 1 FPS 881 nbsp 6 Apr 2020 Trying out the the lightest published load data that I could find for the . Shop now for free shipping no taxes and unconditional 100 satisfaction guarantee. I believe that decent penetration with marginal expansion is a better choice than the other way around. So I hit upon a wonderful secret Cowboy Action loads. 596 quot and penetrated to 11 inches. 38 Special . Been reloading 38 spcl for years with Hornady lead HBWC 148Gr. 1 gr. 8 grains of Bullseye behind a 148 grain wad cutter. 5 grains of BE. 0gr W231 ArchAngelCD Jan 28 2012 Nov 10 2016 Most major ammo manufacturers produce some kind of 148 grain. 38 S amp W Special factory loads contained 21. Speer Handgun Bullets . ACME Bullet Company manufactures 38 148 WC. 1 grains of powder. 38 148 gr wadcutter ammo to use for target practice a guy at the range said they also make a good defensive round even better than lead round nose . brass don 39 t quot compensate quot . Typically you would look in the powder maker 39 s database for the 148 grain lead hollow base wadcutter LHBWC . 38 Special velocity of about 860 FPS. WE ALSO HAVE LOTS OF POWDER approximately 30 varieties AND PRIMERS BUT THEY ARE FOR PICK UP ONLY. of Unique. 1gr of 700x seated a little proud of the case. 38 light loads. Reloading Manual Customer Testimonials 38 148 WC Quantity of 500 Diameter 0. Shop brands like Fiocchi Hornady Winchester Magtech and much more. I 39 m seating bullets down to last crimping groove giving 1. This S amp W Model 638 is shown with handloaded hard cast SWC ammo. 38 Cal 148 gr WC Wadcutter Type II Lead Hard Cast Bullet. 358 quot 158 Grain Semi WadCutter Missouri Reloading Bullets 500 Per Box Model 358158S Cast Bullets . any help 8 Jul 2016 I have come into possession of about 1200 of the above referenced swaged Boolits. WC over 2. 38 Special wadcutters loaded cartridges 148 grain hollow base wadcutter nbsp Products 1 34 of 34 75 Grain Wadcutter . 577 inches Distance from crimp groove to the nose of the bullet . Aug 7 2009 11. 38 Caliber Berrys Bullets 148 grain DEWC for sale at US Reloading Supply. It lists . Does anyone load for and shoot a Smith amp Wesson Model 52 . 0 to 2. JHP WC WadCutter SWC Semi WadCutter HP Hollow Point RN Round Nose JHP Jacketed Hollow Point and if GC indicated means Gas Check at bottom of lead bullet Loads for . RN 158 gr. Handles included. 38s but mildly uncomfortable with . 358 Diameter 148 Grain Hollow Base Wad Cutter Lead Bullet 250 Count By HORNADY AMMUNITION AND BULLETS ITEM DESCRIPTION Hornady lead bullets are pre lubricated and cold swaged for total uniformity and balance. So should I load it flush with the case or should it protrude just a bit . For out to 100yds. My last batch was with 4. 38 Special 150 grain Hard Cast Lead Wadcutter Load Clay block testing results were also impressive albeit a bit different than the soft lead 158 grain LSWCHP load. Cast vs. 380 acp 90 grain Speer Gold Dot 13 . 357 Magnum Carbide sizer die I discovered pretty quick that some . They aren 39 t hollow base but they 39 re still quite accurate and cheaper than BUYING bullets. cast but bullet is unstable and not recommended you can try 3. I am a firm believer that you will get a bullet stuck or it will leave the barrel. Aug 25 2017 My go to plinking load for . 38 spl hbwc reman Posted by Keith Kircher on Nov 28th 2019 I just recieved this product yesterday and haven amp 039 t had time to test fire them yet however this product is the most economical HBWC load available if you count the cost of brass. Hunters Supply 38 Caliber 357 Magnum 148 grain Wadcutter Lead Bullet. 4 gr When faced with too little penetration as is common with lightweight. On the range we shoot a lot of Black Hills 158 grain lead semi wadcutters inexpensive and fun to shoot. Apr 16 2020 The Model 52 was a completely different design than a 1911 but like the 38 s built from conversions it was engineered to only fire . 8 grains of Bullseye but that was back when Bullseye was made by Hercules instead of Alliant. 38 special again 2. Each round is loaded with a 148 grain target master wadcutter TMWC projectile. Accurate No. 0 grains of HS6 powder for a MV of 960 fps from a 6 quot revolver barrel. Recoil is minimal and they are well handled by shooters who cringe at the hotter loads commonly called defense rounds. Again remember this is standard . com When faced with too little penetration as is common with lightweight . 38 Special Mid Range wadcutter target ammunition. Mar 22 2020 Hi folks I have a question for the more experienced hand loaders out there. 3 load. Models they made it straight I NEVER shoot jacketed bullets in revolvers. We strive to ship your order within 2 business days but have been seeing significant USPS delays in some areas that we can not contol. Not the most potent load but a hit with a light load beats the dickens out of a heavy loaded miss and allows for quick recovery for a follow up shot. 38 Special wadcutters loaded cartridges and 148 grain hollow base In the case of target loads a 148 gr 9. 241 ft. Bullets should be seated flush with the casemouth with either no crimp or a very light roll crimp over the bullet. 38 Special remains one of the most popular handgun cartridges in the United States. 9 gr Tightgroup CCI 550 148 gr wadcutter. Jul 23 2006 Have never tried Red Dot with 148 wc in 38 special but don 39 t see why it wouldn 39 t work. The only load data I can find is this Start gr 3. 1 or so of Power Pistol. Components. Have tried it with 45 acp lead target 38 special 110 gn sjhp for snubbie best velocity and accuracy of all tried 44 mag light 200 gn GD extremely accurate and 44 special 200 gn lrnfp. 5 INCLUDES The most up to date and comprehensive 223 Rem data available New data for 30 AR 30 T C and 6mmx45 PO B o x 158 Powder Bul Weight C. 38 Special cases cast or swaged lead 148 gr. 38 HI TEK 147grn Round Nose Bullet. HBWC 12677 Reloading Reloader Components Please Note Phone Sales amp Support and our Scottsdale Retail Showroom will be closed in observance of the Labor Day Holiday Weekend Sat Sept 5 through Monday Sept 7. FMJ Ball 830 fps in 4 quot barrel. You will be essentially making 38 Short Colt. 358430 195 grain round nose bullet that was used in the old 200 grain police loads as there is always interest in these. Factory New 38 Special 148gr Hollow Base Wadcutter Match Pistol Ammunition. 7 grains of Bullseye and a 148 grain HBWC is a classic target load since before WWII. These will work fne for rifles just don 39 t try to run . These are lead bullets. 38 Special Wadcutter 5 Inch Barrel reloading data with 27 loads. 38 Special 125 Grain XTP American Gunner 25 Rounds by HORNADY AMMUNITION AND BULLETS The American Gunner line of ammunition is a collection of tried and true versatile loads that are popular with shooters for their target shooting hunting or self defense needs. 38 Special P revolvers uses the 140 grain Speer bullet in front of 7. special offers discount coupons and more. The test block for this load happened to be 7 11 inches as opposed to the 8 9 inch block that I tested the 158 grain loading in. UPC 754908500178 Manufacturer Sellier amp Bellot Manufacturer Part SB38B Model Pistol Caliber 38 Special Grain Weight 148Gr Type Lead Wadcutter Units per Box If you like to see where your shots are landing try Federal Gold Medal wadcutter ammunition. The headstamp says 38 SPL REM UMC Remington Union Metallic Cartridge My husband thinks these are reloads that were reloaded on the machines at CCI Speer years ago with Speer bullets and primers. Bullets in bulk for sale with Priority Free Shipping. 7 gr to 4. Once you get to reloading them you will find that they make excelent practice rounds that are a lot cheaper than store bought stuff. 4. A target velocity factory 148 gr. 455 is something I should start with. I have 40 boxes of this ammo 2000 rounds total 15 per box or 275 per 1 for sale by Mike Hughes on GunsAmerica 998232961 38 Special 148 grain Double End Wadcutter with Beveled Base 3000ct. 005 B C Mar 19 2012 Unique is my favorite powder however I use Bullseye or W231 to load 148 grain wadcutters. Magtech Sport . More shooters rely on Magtech than any other. Mar 26 2012 There are some loads for a 90 gr. 7 grains of Bullseye and this works well. On the other hand the wadcutter bullet I home cast will out shoot the factory load by a noticeable margin. It 39 s like shooting a 22lr. Jun 14 2007 It was a really excellent combination for that course of fire. Note A full length article about the . May 01 2020 So not much on Universal and 38 39 s there. All made in the USA and provided with superior customer service. Also use Berry 39 s plated HBWC 39 s in only the brass that does not bulge when seating the bullets. 38 snubbies is the 148 grain wad cutter target load. 38 . They are . 2 gr going from memory here . Moving on to 700x and 38 39 s. 99 . 38 Special you can start with 148 grain wadcutter target loads which don 39 t recoil too badly for practice. Their exclusive knurling system retains lubricant over the entire bearing surface to reduce leading in your barrel. Speer cold formed lead bullets feature our hi tech multi layer lube system. After a 20 year hiatus I 39 m breaking out my reloading equipment again. This pistol uses the . 38 Spl mid range target loads. 38 Special will be forever linked with the 148 grain wadcutter. Therefore . Select your cartridge type from the drop down list. They still work great for cutting perfectly round holes in targets. 38 Special P ammo suitable in most medium frame revolvers delivers a maximum average pressure of 20 000 PSI with an average penetration of 13 14 inches in ballistic gelatin. Despite the rise in popularity of autoloaders the . 38 Special factory loads offered over the past 120 years include a 1 158 grain roundnose 2 148 wadcutter 3 200 roundnose 4 130 full metal jacket tracer 5 158 semiwadcutter hollowpoint 6 125 jacketed softpoint and a 7 158 grain roundnose flatpoint cowboy . The American Eagle line of ammunition has been a reliable and affordable option for quite a few years. Check out the CR 12 wilkinsontactical. 32. If you can 39 t find specific data for a 148 use 150 gr. 16 quot basically buries the lead wadcutter into the brass because 1. Buy Federal HST Micro 38 Special 130 Grain P JHP Online Now DUE TO HEAVIER THAN NORMAL ORDER VOLUMES PLEASE EXPECT 5 7 DAY SHIPPING DELAYS. Hard to find a. Wadcutter About Us Company Info My Account View Cart Sign In 148 Gr found in RCBS Wadcutter Pistol Bullet Mould Double Cavity . 38 Spl or . Quote nbsp 38 will be reloading for it. The bare gel expansion test looked pretty awesome for a . 38 special 148 grain wadcutter Discussion in 39 Reloading 39 started by ian 39 s dad Dec 14 2009 . 38 High Speed and are suitable for use in most medium frame revolvers including the Colt Diamondback and S amp W quot K quot frame models of that time. AA5 is not listed in the Lyman data. RN 160 gr. May 20 2020 I get the heebeejeebees when someone says their pet load is a 148 grain wadcutter seated flush over 3. 148 BNWC load data needed by troystaten on Mon May 27 2019 1 04 pm With the bevel base wadcutters I have upped the powder charge a bit on a lark I finished off a can of Unique and with a 148 grain bbwc and 4. The 158gr LSWC is made with 4. wt case index 22206 32 s amp w lead rn 88 50 20 10 rpw32sw 22210 32 s amp w long lead rn 98 I 39 m not sure such a load exists within the safe limits of . That is where reloading comes to the rescue. 38 Special Ammo collection A few of the . 38 special 148 grain wadcutters and 158 grain semi wadcutters. 38 Special is a 4 Colt Up close any of the 148 gr. looking for max and min with Bullseye. 38 Special being the most common caliber. Jul 10 2020 For my mileage a mild standard pressure 125 130 grain FMJ or 148 grain wadcutter is the sweet spot for a training load in the . I like the 148 grain wadcutter for target work with a very light powder load for the 38 special. 14 includes loading data for only 110 and 125 grain jacketed bullets for standard pressure . Difference is that the HBWC shouldn 39 t be loaded to much above 800 FPS. I 39 m sure others will also jump in but for over 50 years I have loaded . Lee machines their mold blocks from aluminum making them rust resistant. 38 Special. quot We pulled the trigger the safety went forward both barrels fired almost together the gun opened ejectors kicked the fired cases over our shoulder the most completely automatic gun we Jun 25 2020 For sale are 38 Special 148 grain WCHB bullets. The load data seems to be inconsistent across different manuals so I 39 d like to hear from anyone who was experience with these components. I load the semi wadcutters and round nose both and don 39 t have any problem in any of our rifles some rifles are a bit picky about bullet shape. DBB wad cutter double bevel base hard cast bullets and offers a variety of reloading supplies lead cast bullets range brass starline brass speedloaders reloading manuals and Shooter 39 s Choice gun care produ Looking at the Hodgdon site I found this loading for 38 special P 158 GR. These . 38 Special and our local gunshop doesn 39 t carry them. This being circa 1967 the only commercially made bullets available to handloaders in . 25 2. This was the mild load we used for practice in those days one of several million rounds loaded on an old Rosan auto loader. Seating depth isn 39 t critical but pushing it in to the crimping groove is easiest. 357s run about 890 fps and he 38s about 760 fps. flatwins Dec 01 2008 Hello I need to buy a new spring for a Colt 38 Spl. 38 Special that if I went over 700 fps with any of Bullseye with Remington 39 s 148 grain HBWC and it seems to work pretty well. These projectiles are perfect for scoring paper targets leaving clear visible lines that make tallying simple and easy. Nov 21 2017 Target wadcutter loads are a whole different kettle of fish but I don 39 t handload for the . 38 loads were shot through a Atomic Match 38 Special 148gr Hollow Base Wadcutter 50rd Box. I tried for years. 38 Special P. I am using a mixture of nickel plated Winchester RP Federal brass. 3 905 fps 19 300 CUP This comes very close to the S amp B 158 grain loading that stays subsonic and hits pretty hard. I have used Berry s and Xtreme with great results from both. That is a total of 708 bullets for only 71. 38 Special Ammo 150 gr. Nov 17 2018 With 38 special from a short barrel it generally takes pretty solid P loads to do well on ballistics tests. 2. 7 gr. An older Winchester booklet I have shows 3. 5 Jan 2005 Most of my sources refer to a 148 gr. Caliber 38 Caliber Quantity 250 Grain 148 Bullet Style Hollow Base Wad Cutter HBWC Diameter in 0. Ballistic Coefficient . 11 Feb 2020 Test 8 Remington Performance Wheelgun Loads in 8 Classic Revolvers As a fun gun a revolver chambered in . 57 quot . This bullet mold drops a . It won 39 t hurt older fragile alloy As a result full wadcutter bullets are almost always used in revolvers with . 38 special. 68 Round Federal Premium Centerfire Handgun Ammunition . Using a regular . HP HST bullets they load in their . I did some chronograph testing with wadcutters from six different ammo makers and took the average velocity of 10 shots fired from a 2 inch barreled revolver. IMR Trail Boss is considered a fast burning powder and its bulkiness is a benefit in most old black powder handgun cartridges. Clays OR 5. 38 Special revolvers on . What do you load in . Meters well enough from my old RCBS Uniflow. 38 s barrel it was mild to fire. 3gr of 231 behind 148gr wadcutters. Expect bullet weight of 148 or 158 grain and muzzle velocity of around 725 to 750. Gold Medal Handgun 38 Special Important Safety Information WARNING Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas cleaning firearms or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects reproductive harm and other serious physical injury. 38 AMP the S amp W Model 52 introduced in 1961 and the Colt 1911 National Match . This load Auction is for Lyman Ideal single cavity bullet mold. 38 Special . I used to shoot my S amp W model 14 full lug 38 special in a winter indoor league 5 years ago. 357 and . 38 Special 148 grain Synthetic Jacket Wadcutter Centerfire Pistol Ammunition 33. Did the powder actually change Is the load data the same May 27 2019 Re . You may need to bump the charge up if you get a blackening on the outside of the case. 250 rounds of Federal 158gr Lead Semi Wadcutter Hollow Point cartridges in caliber . 38 S amp W was a black powder then smokeless powder load designed to put out about 100 foot lbs of energy as opposed to 300 ft lbs for 38 special. 5 gr and 12 2. 38 Special using 158 gr plated bullets did not produce a load suitable for IDPA shooting. Many powders produced excellent results with the Hornady jacketed bullets. In a . 38 Special was eyed as an improvement over the . Feb 07 2018 Details This 38 Special cartridge by Fiocchi has a 148 grain lead wadcutter projectile. They make a good all day shooting load. 38 Special is doing all it can to generate 900 fps out of a snubbie and usually failing the sedate 148 grain wadcutter can be counted on to deliver all of its 700 fps from a four inch barrel and close to that in a two incher. In the 44 special and Magnum. The proof pressure MAP specified by SAAMI is 29 500 psi for both rounds. Using bullets from Precision Hornady Speer HB Speer Std RCBS Mould Precison RCBS nbsp HN Sport High Speed Bullets . 38 162 SWC 162 gr. We have a good selection of 38 Special Bullets and 357 Magnum Bullets. Anyone want to share some mid range 357 magnum Perhaps the best known example of a Type I wadcutter is the Lyman 358063 introduced in 1963 in response to demand from bullseye shooters competing with custom made 1911s chambered in . COVID 19 Update We are Open and Shipping 38 and 357 Caliber 100 Grain RNFP Hard Cast Lead Bullets. I 39 m trying to load up a 148 gr. 38 Special bullet that tumbles will not give consistent performance as will a 148 grain HBWC . lead SWC to perform as well but without success. 360 caliber Hollow Base 148 grain bullet with a Wadcutter profile type. 38 SPL 148 gn BBWC Bevel Base Wadcutter Test I want to preface this by acknowledging that I seldom pull out my stock Colt Trooper MKIII 4 barrel and take it to the range maybe once every couple of years because I ve never liked the groups obtained with the rounds I had previously acquired many years ago. 38 Long Colt case disturbs nbsp 1 Jan 2017 So I thought we could share Good . 38 Special PPC 2. Choosing a bullet Jan 15 2016 S amp W Model 10 . 38 P defense loads. Feb 09 2019 For the first time I am handloading for my S amp W K38 with 148 lead wadcutters. Home Reloading Bullets Pistol Bullets Zero 357 38 Special 148 Grain Hollow Base Wadcutter 500 ct. 125 grain Rem. Have run these 2 loads thru DW715 Ruger Security Six Tau. Manufactured to the highest standards for consistent quality and exceptional performance Magtech ammunition is competitively priced making it one of the best values in centerfire pistol and revolver ammunition today. Special Price 33. Unknown Brand 38 148WC Bag of approximately 325 Asking 20 100 count of 38 Special 148 grain HBWC hollow base wadcutter ammunition ammo Blazer. 38 and 357 Caliber Hard Cast Lead Bullets for Reloading. Simplest solution though is to get some 148 wadcutter bullets and just load some of them instead of trying to make do Target amp Game Loads Less Lethal 10 Gauge AR Parts and Accessories. If you are interested please send me a message or call. 38 Special match load in bullseye shooting was 2. 38 Special with a Remington wadcutter bullet seated flush with the case mouth. 38 Special factory type soft swaged 148 grain hollow based wadcutter bullets can be flush seated with as little as 2 grains of Alliant Bullseye and provide acceptable ballistic uniformity with good accuracy for indoor shooting at 25 to 50 feet. There 39 s no taper. Winchester Super X 38 Special Ammo 148 Grain Lead Wadcutter 50 Round Box. 6 g bullet is propelled to only 690 ft s Feb 10 2010 I load three loads for. 75 3. For cowboy shooters authenticity is a strict requirement. 148 Gr HBWC Per 250 356 Diameter 115 Grain Round Nose Reloading Bullets 500 Per Box Md 35. I will probably order a Wolf spring from Brownell 39 s. 15. 7 Gr. 38 special 148 grain wadcutter load data