sherlock x self harm reader quot John rubbed his top lip where his moustache used to lay. The Holmes brothers were at it again bickering as usual with little regard for the people around them. Word Count 700. Psychopath Vs Sociopath. This is a Sherlock x Reader and this has many TRIGGER WARNINGS You and Sherlock meet under. It Was The Boredom Sherlock self harm fic very realistic in terms of a self harm addiction. You tried to call out but your voice was raspy and it barely made a sound. I am willing to write any type of story self harm eating disorders suicidal etc. Sherlock x reader Tell me I 39 m cute. Y n Holmes daughter of the well known detective Sherlock Holmes. Hey I was wondering if I could get a ship. Summary Through the many dimensions Dr. I really care about you guys and don t want any of you to get hurt You paused outside of the door to 221 B and took a deep breath. Please could you do a Sherlock x reader fic where the reader is a sassy clever nbsp Sherlock coming out to John and John struggling with feelings of homophobia. . Imagine all that we would do and say. Hello Obviously Sherlock x Reader. He is property of the BBC and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. can t remember tbh and suicide. Pairing Sherlock Holmes x Reader. 6 Aug 2014 Sherlock Request Could you write a Sherlock x reader one where y n is really depressed and does like self harm because she feels like no one nbsp 9 Mar 2014 You had been left feeling miserable and out of control. Hope anon will like because I do. The clearly self inflicted scars. x 68 1 147 158 2011 . Dean walking on you kissing Protecting you Meeting for the first time Capturing Crowley to talk to him Fawn Him seeing that you self harm You were always worth saving Him learning that you self harm even though you promised to stop You hating John Winchester Him wanting to marry you 1 2 3 4 Request by markandjackaremysuperheros Can I request an x reader where Sherlock and fem reader are about to have their first time together. Dr Brooke Magnanti explains why so many women love it The reader s on her period and she s all grumpy while Sherlock tries to help but he s an awkward goose. Includes tips for helping yourself and guidance for friends and nbsp 29 Jul 2017 Description Emily discovers the readers self harm issue and decides to confront them about it. This one shot may be triggering for anyone who suffers from depression low mood or has suffered from depression low mood in the past. I am not accepting any asks stories or headcanons concerning suicide abuse self harm or death until my mental health is in a better state. com Joining The Suicide Squad Captain Boomerang x Reader Fanfiction. John traced the lines with his fingertips and Sherlock shivered. 2011. I remember tearing up when reading it and I hope you can enjoy it too 10 Sep 2017 writing a newt x self harm reader fic I completely understand if u don 39 t Murphy Yuri Plisetsky Sherlock Newt Scamander the Joker and L. You always enjoyed the very few sentimental moments you had with him. You kept thinking and asking yourself questions about all of this. Character Sherlock Holmes. Maybe one that is very angsty the reader and sherlock have a very compelling case like the one in series four where sherlock develops a MASSIVE drug habit for the case and the reader does too. Sherlock X Reader Cuddle Rating 16 Warnings for Violence Self harm Suicide themes Child Abuse Character Death AU. Sherlock x Reader Her Name Was Mary. Sherlock X Reader. A N Finally I finally finished something. Suicidal thoughts blood self harm mental instability. It 39 s deliciously long 70 Chapters at the moment . Mycroft decides that he wants to meet his brother s girlfriend who happens to be you. mycroft x reader Moriarty jim moriarty x reader holmes brothers x reader. Authors Note This is a subject that is close to me on a personal level. Summary Sherlock finds out that you the reader is self harming. Baker Street Sherlock x Reader 115K 3. John Watson Jr. Over time you grew very close to the two men. Warnings None Wordcount 435 Request Hey I wanted to ask can you do a fic where the reader is on her period and Sherlock Sherlock X Sister Reader Self Harm A N Thanks for the request I hope you like it and if you guys ever need someone to talk to about anything our personal account is the winchester pie 3. quot Oh Mr Holmes quot he said slowly. A N I relate to this on a spiritual level because I am as well not a morning person at all XD. Sep 11 2018 Imagine Jack Kline x Sister Reader. He knew what the man was referring to. X Reader Rejected Soulmate Au. John notices Sherlock 39 s self harm scars and confronts Sherlock who is more than willing to put his past behind him forever. Kitten Part 4 Sherlock X Reader Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Summary After proving who he is Sherlock starts to see how much of a hell Y N s life has been since she left something he sees as his Sherlock x sister reader self harm Crowley x Reader. Pay Your Bill. The next day the reader asks if it was true or he was just drunk and he says yes D. Draco x reader. org series I just finished re reading it nbsp Explains self harm including possible causes and how you can access treatment and support. Lunch Date . Depression. mycroft x reader. C R E D I T S Sherlock belongs to the SHERLOCK. Imagine Loki seeing your self harm scars. But the reader shuts them out and doesn 39 t talk nbsp . Sherlock was next to you in almost no time at all and John followed quickly behind. Preferences include Sherlock Holmes John Watson James Moriarty Mycroft Holmes Molly Hooper and Greg Lestrade. quot These are caused by self harm. Submissions Welcomed Imagines Open Reactions Open Asks Open Cake Rates Open I am not a Roleplay blog. Four women have been killed in only two months with each case mirroring the infamous murders of Jack the Ripper. A Study in Black Sherlock Bipolar Disorder fic. You didn 39 t know why who or what though. Sherlock and John x Platonic Argument Stubborn Sherlock. Sherlock x tired reader Sherlock x tired reader Fandoms Marvel MCU Dr. Such an amazing game Enjoy. God it took me years XD Sorry but there was a lot on my mind the past months but now everything is going to be better and thank you all for your patience. Warnings mentions of self harm mentions of sex Summary Sherlock defends you. Analysis 100 Complete Detroit Become Human Connor x Reader S O A N Thank you for sending your prompt Sorry for the delay I was quite busy but found time to finish this I finally finished DBH with the good ending and have a more complete insight of Connor. Word Count 600. Medical Knife John self harm fic. Sherlock I m I know. Two men walk in one of them kneels down in front you. Information on our COVID 19 response . 5K 658 You move to Baker Street after having a promotion and you find yourself meeting the self proclaimed sociopathic detective named Sherlock Holmes. All drabbles are under the tag drabble Prompt list Requests for drabbles are always open . Again I have a trigger warning because the premise of this one shot is self harm. You have a very strange and mysterious past Warnings depression anxiety mentions of self harm I think . It becomes too much for you to handle one day. Contact Us. Keep reading. This review provides a critical exploration of the evidence examining the attitudes of healthcare professionals across both mental health and medical settings towards people who self harm. Sherlock H. You are both incredibly intelligent and you end up living at 221B and go on adventures. Sherlock x sister reader You started to live with Sherlock and John a year ago when you moved to nbsp 19 Jan 2018 Characters Sherlock Holmes X Teen Reader. 3 Once again a big thanks to true queen of mischief 3 Requests are open Fandomlist Masterlist of You had one job Sherlock Sherlock x Reader. Sherlock x sister reader self harm Indeed your example is an unfortunate one for your argument said Holmes taking the paper and glancing his eye down it. Aug 03 2013 This book contains imagines and preferences about Sherlock the BBC TV series. image. He moved closer to the door just in case. Enigmatic . The chilly morning air nipped at your face as you skipped up to the front steps at 221b Baker Street and let yourself in the warm perfect air defrosting you. quot What on earth are those quot John 39 s heart sank. You were only a child and was very shy. quot quot I have been told the opposite on numerous occasions. It was the seventh bad report you had read that week another bag stolen another person struck down in the middle of the street a woman coming out and making allegations against a man and the dark street they were on. TRIGGER WARNING MENTION OF ABUSE AND HINT AT SELF HARM. If you think I should add anything else please comment or message me and I d be happy to do so. Aug 29 2019 Hide. You attempt to tell Sherlock that you re pregnant. SHERLOCK MASTERLIST. If this makes you uncomfortable nbsp 13 Mar 2017 Self harming and suicidal reader x sherlock. It could also lead to other self destructive coping mechanisms. He couldn t have oh no he did. Follow Fav Sherlock X Depressed Suicidal Reader By WakingupwithAmnesia When John Watson 39 s cousin goes off the deep end its up to John and Sherlock to try and change the way she thinks . You unfortunately took his place after his death. Word Count 2231 With the song And here I thought it was going to be too short. You nbsp 5 Jan 2015 imagine telling sherlock about your self harm and suicidal thoughts. Word Count 580. quot Yes quot quot She 39 s gone downhill John. About Us What We Do News amp Events May 25 2015 Perfect A Colin Morgan x Reader One Shot Proper Gent A Taron Egerton x Reader One Shot Those Damn Eyes A Draco Malfoy x Reader One Shot You 39 ll Always Come First A Merlin x Reader One Shot The Letter Sherlock Holmes x Reader One Shot The Silent Treatment Sherlock Holmes x Reader On Fanfiction April 1 March 2 A oneshot please where you are Sherlock 39 s younger sister. Read Sherlock x Self Harm Reader Y N 39 s POV from the story Fandom Imagines by MistahJs_Harley Harley with 3 210 reads. You re My Own. Of course you do you muttered under your breath. Nov 30 2017 Do you think you can write a Sherlock x reader fic based off the stag night in S3E2 Like the reader isn 39 t drunk but plays the game with them. 1365 2648. Listen To I 39 ll Stand by You by the Glee Cast. Brian eyed Sherlock 39 s arms sprawled out on the table and his eyes lit up with glee. Hi I really hope you like this if you do don t forget to leave a heart and if you really like follow me. Your eyes widened when you saw what he had in his hands. Applause for my wonderful beta reader What A Funny Thing Sherlock X Suicidal Reader Adventure. You re on your period and Sherlock tries to help. Sherlock Rated K English Angst Hurt Comfort Chapters 1 Words 972 Reviews 4 Favs 49 Follows 19 Published 11 11 2012 John W. Strange BBC Sherlock. Originally posted by lilpieceofmyworld. Pray Do Tell. Warning depression bullying I feel empty. Sherlock Holmes x How you met Friendship Love hate xx Self harm TW Crossover Superwholock Hurt comfort Also listed under 10th Doctor and Winchester Brothers Aug 06 2014 Sherlock Request. Remus x Reader. W A R N I N G major spoilers ahead read at your own risk. Pairing Sherlock x Daughter reader. The prompt When they find out you re pregnant Genre Fluff Humor. John raised his eyebrows as Sherlock s bedroom door shut. Sherlock and John burst into the room and found you. Sherlock x Reader The Painfully Obvious . You aren 39 t 39 observent 39 like he is but your talent is in computers coding and hacking. Summary Instead of John becoming Sherlock s roommate John s cousin an injured journalist who has recently returned to London actually is looking for a flat in London and falls in love with her new high functioning sociopath roommate Sherlock x Watson Reader I knew it A N Requsted by anon. You were mixing the dough when the first cramp hit. I 39 m really feisty strong willed confident but also real kind considerate and loyal too. mollyxxsworld Request Hey there I really love your work and was wondering if you do a reader insert about Gwaine and Percival learning you self harm as you feel bad for having magic and they help you through it It s totally okay of you aren t comfortable doing it. You were sitting in John s chair in 221B Baker street. Request Hi I was wondering if I can request an imagine wherein reader is Sherlock s daughter. Sherlock x Self Harm Reader Y N 39 s POV Doctor Strange x Depressed Abused OC Star Trek Depressed Kirk 39 s Sister Demon Dean at His Finest Dean 39 s Freak Out Aug 30 2014 MrGamerGirl Hobbyist Traditional Artist Finally a Sherlock X Suicidal Reader that doesn 39 t end with the reader succeeding and Sherlock being all alone This story 39 s lovely darling keep up the good work Feb 23 2016 x x x x x The next week and a half the Name Sherlock duo often went on adventures helping Lestrade with cases or doing private investigations for people who come to Baker Street. You imagined it would be temporary but it has taken over your life. Pair 11th Doctor x Reader. 264 Nov 17 2016 Yandere Serial Killer x Reader Your city is in a state of panic. How s The Diet Sherlock x Reader. Request Can you do a one shot where the TFW notices your self harm and get together to talk about it with you It might be similar to others but I was hoping for one without fluff Fan Fiction Masterlist Avengers and co Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes x reader angst hurt Jun 03 2019 Rates of self harm decreased among heterosexual youth from 2005 through 2017 but not among lesbian and gay youth over the same period the study author said. You stared at the ceiling the headache that s been there for three days know pounding against your head like someone knocking on a door desperately trying to get in from the rain. Undertale Sans x Depressed Self Harm Reader August 21 2018 Under and adigail . Connor x S O Female Download it once and read it on your Kindle device PC phones or tablets. Author sheetalbeetlee Author s words A one shot about the reader being all grumpy during her period and Sherlock trying to comfort her but he gets all awkward about it. Guys major self harm warning through the whole thing so please don 39 t read this if you even think there is a chance that it nbsp 18 Jan 2018 I have enough you whispered to yourself as you looked straight ahead while each cut went deeper and deeper into your Y S C skin. Could you write a Sherlock x reader one where y n is really depressed and does like self harm because she feels like no one loves her and Sherlock finds her and confesses his love for her And make it really fluffy AN I didn t do the self harm because I didn t want anything to upsetting. I really need sleep now Warnings Blood cutting depression nbsp 23 Apr 2017 Sucker for pain Warnings Self harm. You sighed. moriarty x reader. Sherlock x Reader He Started This Sherlock x Reader A Little Love and Whole Lot Of Laughs People who have experienced self harm report dissatisfaction with the care provided by statutory services. Lie. Barry Allen x Reader Girl Power Owen Grady x Reader Not That Bad Jim Moriarty x Reader Careful Now Joker x Reader Every Minute Spencer Reid x Reader Man In Black Matt Murdock x Reader Like A Lot Tony Stark x Reader Deal Oliver Queen x Reader You re An Idiot Sherlock Holmes x Reader You Shot Me With An Arrow Oliver Queen x If you are thinking about suicide or self harm please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1 800 273 TALK 8255 or the Suicide Crisis Line at 1 800 784 2433. Depression self harm anorexia bulimia suicidal quot Sherlock began to pace. The reader does not engage in it but it is discussed and scars are lightly described. 277k ratings nbsp 28 Apr 2016 Sherlock X Reader. Originally posted by this user This was requested by anonymous I just rewatched the Irene Adler episode and I need something where Reader confronts Sherlock Holmes amp Reader Mycroft Holmes Reader Sherlock Holmes Mycroft Holmes Reader No real pairing it 39 s all platonic But hinted Sherlock x Reader Summary. Warnings mentions of death and murder. 20 Mar 2018 Words 841 Warnings mentions of self harm mentions of Ginger 39 s Writing Sherlock X Reader. Ow fuck. Rating K . 1. Sherlock x reader mine Percival X Reader X Gwaine Colours Inside. You were yanked out of your laptop induced trance by the loud ringing of your cell phone. The killer 39 s fifth victim survives the attack but remains in a coma as an ER nurse you 39 re assigned to her cas Sep 07 2015 You were sitting in a chair waiting for something or someone. The One Time John Gets To Explain Stuff To Sherlock Him learning that you self harm even though you promised to stop Sherlock x Reader Let me sleep. Those Scars self harm Title Those Scars . She doesn t tell him she s a virgin and Sherlock gets a bit too rough for her first. Originally posted by whenisayrunrun. Warnings Fluff some swearing a timey wimey story line mention of self harm suicide reader s death attempt to suicide suicidal thoughts depression might be triggering Sherlock x Daughter Reader One Shot A Protective Father Author s note A short cute fluffy Sherlock fanfiction. 1 800 286 5700. Sherlock Reader . Jul 17 2007 Tommy Dickinson Margaret Hurley Exploring the antipathy of nursing staff who work within secure healthcare facilities across the United Kingdom to young people who self harm Journal of Advanced Nursing 10. Cutting had been your way of getting control back over yourself for quite a while now. Strange showed you you meant Sherlock Holmes. Angel Mafiatale Sans x Reader Read Ink x Self Harm Reader from the story Sans and Papyrus x reader one shots by _Chara_the_Demon_ Chara Dreemur with 418 reads. quot Sherlock moved John 39 s hand to the inside of his left wrist where the faint silver scars of a razor blade could be seen. jim moriarty x reader. he tells So there 39 s a certain john watson x reader fanfic I 39 m looking for. I have anxiety depression and major self confidence issues but always help out people. Damian Wayne x Reader eblades Could you do a Damian x reader where the reader has self harm cuts on her wrists and she hides them from everyone and makes everyone think they are ok when they aren t at all but Damian notices that something is wrong when he grabs her wrist and she flinches but she keeps acting like everything is fine List features both finished and upcoming works. The scars that marched up and down Sherlock 39 s forearms. Complete Characters Relationships Sherlock x fem reader Warnings Vivid descriptions of mental health issues and psychotic episodes. Your nbsp 12 Apr 2018 Light indication of self harm suicide. Self harm the act of self poisoning or self injury irrespective of motivation is an enormous clinical and public health concern which can have a devastating impact on the individual family members friends and broader society. Rating F Fluff Keep reading. They send in questions which she responds to on her site. Pairing Sherlock Holmes x Fem Reader Dr. I 39 m about 5 39 3 quot have shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes with specks of gold sometimes . He requests your help from time to time. A N Actually I combined two requests because they were so similar. Boring. Close enough you thought. Listen To I ll Stand by You by the Glee Cast. Request Hay Could you write a Sherlockxreader about them being in a relationship but the reader tries to commit suicide because of her schizophrenia Sherlock x Self Harm Reader Y N 39 s POV the worse it got and the more I became addicted to the sweet and terrifyingly dangerous self destructive injurious Sherlock X Reader. You were terrified Not making eye contact with him y Period Sherlock x fem reader If you see any typos please tell me. Characters Sam Dean amp Cas the Reader. In A World of Locked Rooms John Watson x Moriarty s Daughter Reader From an Anon request. Sherlock took a moment to look you over before saying anything. as they investigate a murder at the highest levels of British society. 5M ratings. John x reader an I really don t know much about self defense so there s not much detail on that score . COVID 19 Updates for updates to airport operations. Sherlock X Suicidal Reader Sep 11 2020 This book is collection of Legolas X Reader one shots all also posted on my tumblr elvenbookworm cuteness fluff spicyness etc. W what 9 May 2018 The scenes in TLD where Sherlock talks to Faith about self harm i CAM 39 reading 39 opium and morphine as pressure points for Sherlock nbsp 30 Jul 2013 For 2 Chemistry Love and Experiments Oh my http archiveofourown. quot He placed the photo back to turn. You were happy with your job you had a wonderful staff to work with and you loved kids and working with them and getting to enrich their minds each day. 264 You knew that voice it was Sherlock and John. Request Hey there I saw that someone else already asked similar kind of request but I thought to submit mine also I hope that doesn t bother you 5sos x reader lt gt Most recent smut angst x reader spider man tom holland avengers star wars hamilton teen wolf tvd twd 5sos one direction harry styles doctor who Aug 27 2020 Madison Beer has marked one year of being quot clean of self harm quot . Characters Sherlock John Reader Mary. God no. Enigmatic Paperwork. Guys major self harm warning through the whole thing so please don t read this if you even think there is a chance that it could trigger you. Good now that we 39 ve got that out of the way let 39 s get on with the story The Other Watson Sherlock x Reader Requested by sovereignoblivious. friends since toddler now dating s o being upset Imagines amp One shot amp Song Request Self harm seems to provide some level of relief from emotional pain and can become addictive. Word Count 309. Pushed Aside Sherlock X Reader Gif is not mine. Survive. BBC Sherlock. Dec 16 2013 Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch and fanfic don 39 t mess with these women and men Fan fiction is one of the oldest traditions of the internet. I am very grumpy in the mornings and would murder everyone with my eyes when someone starts talking to me. Photo via Getty From Your Site Articles Paul x reader. Like alcohol and other drugs self harm is a behavior that a person might feel they need increasingly more of to feel the same effect. You were in your brother s seat reading a book. Light indication of self harm suicide. Warnings Swearing talking about Self harm . We too commonly perceive self harm as an issue affecting young people Townsend 2014 and the literature You had one job Sherlock Sherlock x Reader. Where ve you been John asked as Sherlock set his coat on the hook and threw his scarf to the side. You looked up and saw that it was Sherlock that had cleared his throat. THE MASTERPOST IS BACK Headcanons HARRY POTTER. John was reading a book in the living room as Sherlock walked through the door in a huff. God dammit you grumbled suddenly forgetting how much flour you d put in already. 05745. As soon as he notices it he ll ask if you already know. Sans x SelfHarm Depressed Reader FINISHED Completed 5 months ago DarkWolf Adventure Romance Lost Fear Depression Self Harm Sherlock x Reader Mycroft For her protection. Headcanons for Sherlock having a pregnant S O. Suddenly the door opens shocking you from your thoughts. 1111 j. I hope you ll enjoy reading just like how much I liked to wrote this. Another Side of Sherlock ticklish Sherlock ticklish reader Sherlock and John comes home from a tough case and while John is pouting in his room Sherlock decides to instigate a tickle fight with you. Sherlock confesses he loves the reader but the reader but the reader dismisses it. skip to main content. My Date with a Criminal Mastermind It Was The Boredom Sherlock self harm fic very realistic in terms of a self harm addiction. Word Count 1 554. May 18 2014 quot Sherlock you truly are an idiot. Requested by miyakokurono Father Mycroft x Daughter Reader x Uncle Sherlock Exhausting. quot Ah I see you 39 ve got rid of it. The One Time John Gets To Explain Stuff To Sherlock Him learning that you self harm even though you promised to stop Aug 16 2017 Imagine all that we would do and say. You were bored so you decided to bake. You heard someone clearing their throat. Reader Gender Not specified. Strange circumstances. Could be two parted don 39 t know yet. Aug 29 2018 Nearly a quarter of 14 year old girls in the UK have self harmed with many facing overwhelming pressures over looks and sexuality a new report says. Sherlock will probably realize it sooner than you. Word Count 323. I hope it doesn t bother anyone. Another Time. dccomics sam dean Write Love on Her Arms Sherlock x Reader Trigger Warning self harm suicidal intent in possession of pills with the intention of overdose depression. Originally posted by silent micka Oct 14 2014 Sherlock x Depressed reader Deep down oneshot NOTE TRIGGER WARNING Despite my best efforts to keep this story really simple it got more in depth than I expected. It 39 s a horrible way to feel better. He pressed a kiss to the scars in the curve of his elbow and heard Sherlock 39 s sharp intake of breath. You were confused. If this makes you uncomfortable then please stop reading now. Submitted His grip on your hand slackened and you quickly pulled away rolling your sleeve back down. Sherlock X Sister Reader Self Harm Sherlock x Reader Mycroft For her protection. Sherlock x Depressed Suicidal Reader Don t leave me A N Again something sad but I hope I met the expectations from anon who had requested this one. Case Sherlock replied as he went to go to his room. Imagine Sherlock finding your blades and questioning you about them. Sherlock Drugs and Danger x reader Summary You have been living with John and Sherlock for awhile use drugs for an escape of your past. Sherlock x Reader Everyones Eyes On You. Sherlock X Reader Injured Sherlock x reader freak. One Direction Zayn You Say You re Fine But He Knows You re Not Zayn Little Mix Nothing Feels Like You Zayn Niall Promises Kept Love That Lasts Night Before Life Goes On Our Perfect Family Should ve Chased Me Meeting Niall Second Chances Emotionally Compromised Leave Out the Rest Nothing Feels Like You Niall Our Perfect Family Niall Sherlock X Reader Injured Sherlock x Reader This Secret I Keep. Sherlock x Reader Remember How It Felt Sherlock x Reader Dreams Made Alive . They found you. Also a very realistic take on self harm but also seeing Sherlock trying to make sense of it is great. John was both proud and scared of introducing the two cunning males and having them go off around London and meddle with others businesses. WARNING POSSIBLE TRIGGER RATED T FOR MINOR SELF HARM. Jun 13 2013 The 14 year old girl behind Depression and Disorders blogs about her own cutting plans of suicide and struggles with an eating disorder. You groaned and swiped across the screen to answer it. Adventure Romance Depression Selfharm Undertale Sans X Reader Jan 23 2016 sherlock reader insert reader sherlock x reader john watson sherlock holmes fanfiction fluffy fluff Jan 23 2016 shy and weird liked this Nine Logical Possibilities Sherlock x Reader. Warnings Mentions of self harm. Part 10 of Sherlock Apr 12 2018 Warnings Angst. startrek dccomics dean 10 Jan 2015 Trigger Warning self harm suicidal intent in possession of pills with the intention of overdose depression. Disclaimer I do not own Sherlock. Just not any pure smut stories my mom reads some of these. All in the Name of Sherlock Holmes . Both requests came from anon Thanks to my beta reader true queen of mischief Requests are open Fandomlist Masterlist of 2017 Masterlist of January 2018 GIF IS NOT MINE Word Count 1. She asks readers to submit confessions which she mixes in with her own. Warnings Depressed Reader. 9 Jun 2016 reads your mind and finds out about your self harming and. Your father was the Napeleon of Crime Sherlock Holme s Nemesis. An enemy kidnaps you and tries to ransom with Sherlock who tries to help but it 39 s too late. Universe Sherlock. X Reader Rejected Soulmate Au Read Sherlock x Self Harm Reader Y N 39 s POV from the story Fandom Imagines by MistahJs_Harley Harley with 3312 reads. I didn t even have to knock before the door was opened and there stood Sherlock Holmes of 221B mycroft x reader. Stephen Strange x Reader. Series. Of course he already knows. Sherlock X Reader Research is all fun and games until the power goes out and Sherlock learns that you re afraid of the dark. The 21 year old singer who has borderline personality disorder BPD took to her Instagram Stories to share how quot proud quot she is to have reached the milestone by sharing a note on her calendar to remind herself it 39 s been 12 months since she last harmed herself. Words 841 . I do hope they won 39 t mind if I borrow him for a while. How ironic it was that it was raining. Masterlist Originally posted by sinagretskikh Dont get me wrong I love my father and my brother 2017 RT Reviewers 39 Choice Best Historical Mystery From USA Today and internationally bestselling author Leonard Goldberg comes The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes a new thrilling tale of the great detective s daughter and her companion Dr. Because of your powers you get tired very easily and have to go into frequent comas. Title You re not our father. I 39 m also a raging Headcanons for Sherlock Mycroft and Moriarty. sherlock x self harm reader