Backfill material classifications

backfill material classifications Class I materials can be dumped around pipe. Low density materials such as plastic rubber plaster clay lumps and other friable material 3 Wood and other vegetable or decomposable matter 0. Rock middot 4. TABLE 1107 2 ELECTROCHEMICAL REQUIREMENTS PANEL Requirements Test Method Resistivity gt 5000 ohm cm AASHTO T 288 pH 5. Also in the. back filled back fill ing back fills 1. After determining the types of material we will use for foundation backfill we will apply the first layer. Nov 30 2007 1 Class of concrete for each type of structure or unit if not specified by pertinent governing specifications must be shown on plans. 0 Overview The backfill materials in the above Class of Work Specifications were updated to align with the Authorities Having Jurisdiction requirements for backfill. 3. 75 Experienced Granite 165 lbs CF 11 N A N A N A 105 hr. Corrugated Steel Pipe Backfill Alternatives Tech note NATIONAL CORRUGATED STEEL PIPE ASSOCIATION ISSUED June 2006 Sand is a key component of a properly backfilled hole or trench in that it provides drainage and compacts well especially when damp. Backfill 2. For most new homes built today backfilling is accomplished with one of two materials. 30 sand material acceptable as Structure Backfill Type 1 are subject to moisture infiltration from subgrade soils and difficult to compact adequately in small widths. Typical Use. Backfill material shall be of uniform soil characteristics and moisture content and shall be placed in lifts of uniform thicknesses. For 4 quot concrete slope protection ditches provide Class 2500 concrete. 200 sieve is silt clay and is classified based on Atterberg limits. 075 mm sieve Silt Clay Materials gt 35 passing the 0. common trench backfill c. 1 Backfill Material Classification. Backfill There are four classes of backfill for open cut trenches namely Common Compacted Common Compacted Select Granular Backfill and Unshrinkable Backfill. PART 2 PRODUCTS STRUCTURAL BACKFILL CS 15 1. 25 55. ITEM 204 SUBGRADE COMPACTION AND PROOF ROLLING . The types of acceptable granular backfill material suitable for use with flexible soil interaction structures are well documented and nbsp Backfill Tests. Backfill material shall be free from organic material and conform to one of the following types . 5 61. Backfilling specifications are different depending on your county 39 s codes but will generally include a layer of aggregate rock used as bedding around pipes and 6. of cement per cubic yard and place to a minimum depth of 3 in. After the select pipe bedding materials has been placed and compacted as specified above the remaidinder of the trench backfilling shall be done. It hardens into a strong material with minimal subsidence. 12 3 Gravel Backfill for Drains 9 03. This program will review the types of conditions that require lightweight backfill material a review of geofoam its properties and testing. backfill operation. 0 BACKFILL. The classifications of soil types are shown in Table 1 ranked in order from most supportive to least supportive. foundation or backfill. 2 Page 6 of 34 MRWA Melbourne Retail Water Agencies 1. special bedding class d 6. Non cohesive sand sand gravel mixes and other Class II or III materials must be compacted to remove voids. Class B AC backfill shall be defined as any backfill within a previously paved area or roadway. 023. Properly graded crushed limestone has just the right balance of aggregate sizes and square shaped aggregate to ensure interlocking of the particles which will ultimately maximize density strength and resist with Pacific Gas and Electric Company PG amp E Engineering Material Specification No. 07 Is all backfill material above the first 12 inches 300 mm for flexible PVC pipe and the springline of rigid pipe being compacted in accordance with one of the following optional methods material over the installed culvert to a compacted depth of at least two feet. where cement stabilized backfill is indicated on the plans and backfill with stabilized material to support the pipe or box at the required Main fill. In general because of the potential for such materials to compress under loads all types of asphalt should be avoided for use as backfill material around flexible structures. 03Retained Backfill Structural Backfill Materials A. No Test Procedure F. 3 evaluation design and processing of backfill materials This class shall also include any excavated material free from rock 3 inches and larger concrete roots stumps rubbish frozen material and other similar articles whose presence in the backfill would cause excessive settlement. 2 foundations on compacted fills 2. Page 1 . Non Granular Material Soil . Infiltration less than 200 gal in mi day Yes. 2. However as noted previously the ability of backfill material All material used for backfill including non granular material shall meet the following specifications and shall be of a quality acceptable to the Engineer. Some of these may require special installation requirements. Classified as well graded in accordance with the Unified Soil Clasification System USCS in ASTM D2487. 4 sieve . 3 Class of silicone joint sealant 4 Strength requirements for staged application of post tensioning The ASTM International Committee D35 on Geosynthetics defines geofoam as a block or rigid cellular foamed polymeric material used in geotechnical engineering applications. 4 general backfill material. Cobble Stones 15 lbs EA 3. ODOT Office of CADD and Mapping Services January 18 2019 Revised 1 23 19. As you can see for the bedding and pipezone area we are using Sand Class S1 0 6mm size . Basically this process consists of returning material removed during extraction to the underground part of the mine. 1 Controlled Low Strength Material The favorable characteristics of these type soils or in combination lead many designers to select these materials when they are readily and economically available. To calculate your estimated required tons please enter the width length and thickness below and click the Calculate button. MCC 200 industrial grade filler is especially suitable for multiple applications including but not limited to plastics paint formulations caulk and sealant products coating and building products and rubber goods. The AASHTO Soil Classification System was developed by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials and is used as a guide for the classification of soils and soil aggregate mixtures for highway construction purposes. 01. 302 Selected Backfill. A. 30 Dec 2003 sity of the in situ or compacted backfill soils. Generally a G5 and G6 type of material is classified as natural gravel and the G7 to G10 type of material as a gravel soil. Class II materials are further described in Table 3010. Type 1 Provide material meeting all the requirements of Underdrain Filter Type I Item 605. 22 Feb 1996 The availability of new pipe types and materials. Ruelke P. This class of excavation nbsp Mortar coated pipe concrete pipe and ductile iron pipe shall be backfilled with Sand Class 2. 05 Substitute Material Substitute bedding and backfill materials may only be used if prior written approval from TMWA is received. Pea stone is the best fill material because it s self compacting. 0 9. The following are my concerns 1. Payment shall include all labor and costs to excavate load haul and place and compact the materials. Used as fill backfill The fines in this material will be an earthen fine dirt silt loam clay . Metal Use either flow fill or Class 1 . Crushed stone or natural sand and gravel. Unsuitable Backfill Material Includes but is not limited to the following materials a. PART 1. 05 of the TDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction. 1 39 6 quot each side circular pipe in fill 1 39 6 quot Trench Excavation and Backfill . Also known as Design considerations include selecting an appropriate design to achieve the required flow rate. Filling marsh areas associated with marsh excavation. The extraction of hard rock that is turned into various crushed stone grades is a great economic indicator. EMBEDMENT AND BACKFILL MATERIALS. 3 A proposed uniform framework for classification and specification based on USCS and engineering properties of the bedding and backfill materials. NoE. No Bedding material for PVC and ABS composite pipe meets requirements of ASTM D2321 80 Yes. the bedding material for rigid pipe in soil shall be 3 in. 01 DESCRIPTION. Candidate Buffer and Backfill Materials for Geologic Repositories . Course grained soil includes gravel mixed soil and sandy soil. Therefore the size of the backfill sand which is used in this work should not be larger than three fourth of an inch 20 mm . Aggregate Materials standards Jul 10 2019 suitable backfill or a floated embankment is used. 4 Requirements for this Specification Correct trench backfill and compaction is a critical success factor for the projects requiring Section 812 Backfill Materials 812. 0901 M except the Soundness requirement is waived. For Class III and Class IVA backfill materials compact to at least 90 of Standard Proctor Density. 5 to 2 mm D50 for the low velocity areas would provide a stable bed over the range of predicted velocities during a 2 year event as long Material Calculator. Granular Backfill TDOT 57 stone as specified in Section 903. A report showing the gradation analysis and T 89 and T 90 test results for the materials proposed for select backfill material shall be submitted and approved prior to placement. 75 42 76 0. For the backfill above the pipezone it 39 s either we use native materials if suitable imported backfill Sand Class S1 0 6mm in size . Sedimentation of filling materials could cause pipe blocking accident in mines. 6. b. Compaction Tamping by hand or machine to achieve required density in soils. Jul 01 2013 material such as rock cobble soft or organic soil when Engineer determines that material is unsuitable to support pipe. 0 AASHTO T 289 Organic Content lt 1 AASHTO T 267 If the resistivity is less than 5000 ohm cm but greater than 3000 ohm cm the backfill material considered as a self compacting and self leveling backfill material that is used in lieu of compacted fill. 15 is now required. MISCELLANEOUS o Flowable Fill A self compacting low strength material with a flowable consistency that is used as an alternative backfill material to granular fill sand . Backfill is used to replace soil or dirt that was excavated from the ground. UTILITY BACKFILL MATERIALS . 05 SUBSEQUENT BACKFILL A. provide a relatively high level of pipe support when moderately compacted with either vibration . 5 PROCESSING OF BACKFILL MATERIALS. The AASHTO T90 Aggregate Base Course often referred simply as ABC has certain desirable properties. Class 3 or class 4 aggregate Specification 3138 For the design of Backfill material should consist of either granular or select grading. Tel 352 955 6600 Fax 352 955 6644 At present these materials such as granular material cemented material and high water content materials are mainly used for backfilling. . This is the method used for highway grades to prevent roads from settling under heavy traffic. This can include a garden site for raised beds or material to place behind a retaining wall. 1 General 1 Furnish virgin materials consisting of either sand sized particles or sand sized particles mixed with gravel crushed gravel or crushed stone. Cover The cover is the depth of backfill over the top of the pipe. MATERIALS The backfill material shall meet the following Unified Soil Classification GM GC SM or SC. 4 and No. 06 GRANULAR MATERIAL FOR STRUCTURAL BACKFILL A. The Jan 01 2012 13. This type of backfill material is commonly used to raise site levels to the desired elevation to fill excavated areas which will support or retain structure or similar pusposes. The top countries of supplier is China from which the percentage of backfill supply is 100 respectively. 14 Trench Backfill Use the following materials where shown or required Outside of the public right of way use approved selected native backfill material Class A and or imported granular backfill material Class B C or D . Utility Backfill Materials. Sand backfill when permitted by the Agency shall conform to the requirements in Section 50 13. It requires smaller quantity of concrete compare with gravity wall but its design and construction shall be executed carefully. The initial backfill begins at the springline and extends to a minimum of 6 inches above the top of the pipe. 01 MATERIAL CLASSIFICATIONS A. in lieu of selected material. Type 1 material shall consist nbsp Permeable materials for use in backfilling of trenches under around and over The class or kind of Permeable Material to be used will be specified in the nbsp 16 Jan 2004 d. It should be noted that the division between gravel and sand is made at a smaller size No. Materials surrounding direct buried 4 Mar 2016 Types of Backfill Materials middot 1. 812. 01 Class II Materials Type Soil Group Symbol ASTM D 2487 Trench backfill is defined as the furnishing placing and compacting of material in the trench above the pipe zone up to bottom of the pavement base rock ground surface or surface material. 12 1 B Gravel Backfill for Walls 9 03. The Contractor shall backfill with imported Class 2 Aggregate Base materials as required and authorized. The lower the number 5 for example the better quality material it is. Soils not classified as suitable backfill material as defined in Section 3010 2. Class II Class III D. In fact A 2000 can be backfilled using Class I Class II Class III and even Class IV in certain situations manufacturer consultation required . The work of forming backfilling and tamping shall be at the Contractor 39 s expense. com B. It mostly consists of a mixture of gravel and Jul 20 2020 The backfill materials we normally use at Superior Groundcover are class 2 fill sand and pea stone. 03 BACKFILL MATERIAL A. Table 1 provides a compari son of AASHTO and the Unified Soil Classification system. For leveling pad provide Class 2500 concrete. 04. Transportation and installation varies between types of backfill from pumping through pipes and pouring to hauling with trucks and dumping the fill material in excavated areas. Additional explanation of the properties and characteristics listed in this guide specification may be found in the ACI Committee 229 report 39 Controlled Low Strength Materials 39 . PART 2 MATERIALS. Backfill materials below top level of pile caps shall consist of sand nbsp 18 Oct 2018 Celtest can help you with testing your materials for compliance against the 6E Selected granular material Class 9A For stabilisation with nbsp Obtain material for embankment fill or backfill construction from the various classes of excavation on the project including Common Borrow Excavation Foreign nbsp Placement of structure backfill material is required to be in 6 in. Materials for bedding haunching and intitial backfill under around and over the conduit or cable shall be Class II or compacted Class I material as described nbsp Chapter 11 amp 12 Bedding and Backfill. Select backfill 2. The Backfill material can be differentiated into three different categories hydraulic fill paste fill and rock fill based on water cement and aggregate content. This variability of bedding and backfill classification and specification requirements creates unnecessary confusion nbsp Unacceptable material Class U1 as defined in Sub clause 1. Backfilling excavations for frost heave or other unstable materials. from load time to return to pit. uk Aug 12 2019 We have different types of backfill materials. 1 Materials should be well graded granular material with a uniformity coefficient nbsp 300mm of the same granular bedding material but lightly compacted directly over the pipe after which ordinary backfilling is commenced. Mar 23 2015 The No. Fine grained soils of low to medium plasticity middot 3. 5. STANDARD SPECIFICATION UTILITY BACKFILL MATERIALS 02320 1 02 01 08 Section 02320 . Requirements for compaction with or without the use of high quality Versatile One can choose between installation types and pipe strengths classes to Compaction and soil symbols i. For CY Class of Work Specification 1323 R8. 1 Bedding and Backfill . An embankment refers to a volume of earthen material that is placed and Gradation well graded fill materials that consist of two or more soil types usually a nbsp Test backfill material for compliance with specifications and test compaction. Class S Bedding nbsp 10 Jul 2019 D. Chapter No. 2 ASTM Specifications for Backfill Material Classes I and II 19 2. 246. Classify materials for backfill for purpose of quality control in accordance with See full list on blog. In some cases the plans designate the use of LSM as bedding and or backfill material. 0 to 10. CLSM is a self compacting flowable low strength cementitious material used primarily as backfill nbsp Traditional backfill materials. In this post we will be considering the common backfill material specification for imported soil materials. When the terms Backfill quot quot or quot Trench Backfill quot are used herein they shall be construed to mean one or more of the types of backfill specified below under quot Materials. G E N E R A L. 5 inch for high velocity areas and the Type 1 backfill medium to coarse sand 0. B. Granular Backfill Material. In this study the sedimentation property of iron tailings with a cement sand ratio of 1 amp x2009 amp x2009 4 and mass concentration of 73 amp x0025 amp x223c 82 amp x0025 was investigated based on For pre approval submit soil classification test results and source location of material to the Office of Materials and Testing. One test per source. As an alternate to the bedding materials specified above the Agency may direct the Class C bedding unless otherwise shown on the plans. 01 SELECT FILL MATERIAL. When fill nbsp performing three different types of laboratory compaction methods on a total of 62 Revisions are suggested to the material specifications for MSE wall backfill nbsp backfill. In close timbered tunnels drives and shafts the Contractor must fill the voids behind the timber ground support by pressure grouting or other approved means. At present these materials such as granular material cemented material and high water content materials are mainly used for backfilling. And all backfill materials should be free of lumps clods boulders frozen matter and debris. After all heavy hauling has been completed the contractor shall remove the excess material to grade. Even though some specifications manuals and handbooks use 39 unit weight quot the term quot density quot will be used in this manual since it is a Crushed stone is a basic material used in various capacities. The designing engineer shall comply with the intent of the pipe material as defined as either rigid or flexible in conformance with the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design and Cement is classified into several product types of which six have standards for use in concrete set out by the Canadian Standards Association CSA in CSA A3000 Cementitious Materials Compendium. This involves applying a self adhesive waterproof membrane or liquid rubber to the exterior of the foundation after backfilling. 5007 N. MATERIALS 2. 3 ASTM D 2321 Recommendations for Embedment and Backfill Materials of Classes I and II 20 2. Trench Backfill Native or Borrow Material placed in trench excavation and meeting specifications herein. Utility Backfill Materials 1. 1 Imported Granular Material Imported granular material for foundation bedding and backfill shall be cleaned crushed rock or gravel free from sod vegetation and other organic or deleterious material. PVC pipe Coke breeze is a carbon backfill which is used around impressed current anodes for underground cathodic protection applications. backfilling b. Typically when calculating backfill the material will not include any large rocks or forms of vegetation. Types I . SCOPE Select Borrow II shall consist of material with a Minimum CBR of 15 for backfilling Classes III Type SM and SC IV amp Class V Soil Types listed under nbsp Aggregates Base Subbase Select Subgrade and Backfill Material. bedding haunches and initial backfill should be compatible with the pipe size. 075 mm sieve Group Classification 2. Retained structural backfill materials shall consist of granular materials GP GW SW SP SM per Unified Soil Classification meeting the following gradation as determined by ASTM D 422 test procedure 100 to 75 percent passing in a 2 in. Granular Material. 02 GRADATION. 4 placing and control of backfill 2. Backfill the remainder of the trench with suitable material. There are four different types of FIBC bags. Gem sand . to be used only if improved foundation is required. Suitable Backfill Material a. Concrete Use Class 1 with 3 inches of bedding material. E. tr. 2 3a is not particularly diffi cult to compact backfill around at least for the first level the compaction of backfill over the offset struc ture will generally require the use of small equipment. Common and Select Backfill 2. D. tdot standard specifications with section 903. 1 BACKFILL MATERIAL SHALL COMPLY WITH CLASS A TO D OF. 13 backfill wherever a trench is excavated in the existing or proposed roadway sidewalk or other areas where setilement would be detrimental the entire trench shall be backfilled with imported gravel and compacted to 95 of maximum density. The assumed limiting performance of the five classes of backfill material defined in Appendix A1 is shown in Table NG5. Table H1 the two backfill material types i. A1. 4 20 65 No. 9 or ASTM C12 . ASTM D689. for trench reinstatement failures include incorrect construction methods and poor backfill materials. Backfilling storm sewers removals under 204. TxDOT Tex 142 E Laboratory Classification of Soils nbsp 4. 1 Description 1 This section describes furnishing processed or selected granular materials where the plans designate as follows 1. Class. 03. Embankment In this condition the soil along the pipe wall will settle more than the soil directly above the pipe. Backfilling in layers is one of the most important steps to remember. E. Stabilizing material placed for the convenience of the Contractor will be at the Contractor s This material has a 1 1 2 inch top size and is a mixture of coarse stone and fine material. quot ADS quot HAS PREPARED THIS DETAIL BASED ON INFORMATION PROVIDED TO ADS. Limestone dolomite and granite are the most common types of rock processed into crushed stone. Class I requirements and geotextile filter fabrics as required to control drainage. Class A Graded granular material. backfill of undercut if selected pipe bedding area haunch area haunch plastic pipe culvert high density polyethylene diameter pipe structural backfill and structural bedding material requirements for selected materials class sm 1 sm 2 or sm 4 sm3 will not be allowed. 15 Table 3 3. The AASHTO Soil Classification System was developed by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials and is used as a guide for the classification of soils and soil aggregate mixtures for highway construction purposes. 705 backfill products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba. THE HAUC SPECIFICATION. removal shall be immediately backfilled with acceptable material compacted into placet the types of materials expected to exist in the excavation. Suitable backfill material within 2 feet of pipe no frozen or organic material or large stones Yes. Marginal materials middot 6. Our reliable delivery process begins with us understanding your schedule needs. Flowable fill is a self leveling material placed with minimal effort that does not require vibration or tamping. The amount of inches filled per lift depends on the requirements of the project soil or the type of structure being backfilled . 21. 3282 as belonging to soil classification groups A 2 6 nbsp The AASHTO Soil Classification System was developed by the American Association of State General Classification Granular Materials 35 or less passing the 0. Material Classifications. Material suitable for backfill and not needed for backfill at the structure but needed elsewhere shall be stockpiled until moved and used elsewhere. class iv materials require a geotechnical evaluation prior to use and should only be used as backfill under the guidance of a qualified engineer. If normal backfill material meeting required Class is not available use graded aggregate material meeting Subsection 815. Although the multi level step structure fig. 24 Mar 2016 ii Earthworks materials classification and acceptability test results and limitations for benched excavation prior to backfilling and compaction. When the excavated materials are not satisfactory the Developer Contractor shall provide imported granular material. 22 of the TDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction. 39th Avenue Gainesville FL 32609. 1 types of fill 2. Along with other types of cementitious materials these types are listed in Table 1. 2 BACKFILL SHALL BE PLACED IN nbsp The classification of materials for excavation is based on the materials sure that there are no layers of earth or shale between the backfill material and the nbsp Selected Material Class SM___ Material furnished for Aggregate Base Course Class 3 through. This study summarised the types of backfill materials that are used in coal mines in China along with the backfilling process. SECTION 200 EARTHWORK . Backfill for structures that are bridges grade separations pump stations and retaining walls Granular Material Class II will be placed in 6 inch 150 mm layers. Bedding Pipe Zone and Backfill Classification . Unless otherwise specified herein or in Section 01001 Special Provisions the Contractor shall use Common Backfill. Normal. Coarse nbsp There are four types of compaction effort on soil or asphalt Soil Types and Conditions Backfill materials used in refilling a cut or other excavation or. Initial classification and ranking of backfill materials design properties . To simplify contract plan and specification preparation pipes have been grouped into five . Getting the materials you need on time is important to us. 9 crushed stone or ACBF class D or higher. 425 10 28 0. We work with our customers to make sure our product is scheduled and delivered on time. Cathtect Engineering Pty Ltd supplies two different types of backfill for the use in Cathodic Protection namely Carbonaceous backfill and Sacrificial Anode backfill materials. Pipeline embedment material shall comply with the appropriate classes as listed below and as illustrated in the Construction Drawings 1. The Minnesota Department of Transportation provides its home page with links to its regional offices bid letting construction future highway plans hot topics jobs library licensing information map sales news public meetings research road amp travel information and related links. The dual purpose of the carbonaceous backfill is to reduce the groundbed resistance by increasing the effective size of the anode and to provide a surface on which oxidation reactions could occur. These systems are advantageous in their lightweight design and cost effectiveness. Material used to refill an excavated area. concrete cradle bedding class a c. These backfill materials are used to create a larger surface area of conduction so that the anodes can perform efficiently. 2 Backfill 608. 1 of this Clause slabs within 3 m of buildings or for backfill around concrete structures sweet nbsp Existing Sources Bedding and backfill materials from sources previously deleterious material and shall conform to the requirements for Class A Backfill as . Bank run sand . 8 or No. Meet the requirements for Gradation No. Chapter 8 Pipe Classifications and Materials 8 1 Introduction WSDOT utilizes a number of different types of pipe for highway construction activities. Fill heights above 10 ft 3 m use graded aggregate material meeting Subsection 815. 02. primary categories drain pipe underdrain pipe culvert pipe storm sewer pipe and sanitary sewer pipe. It is used to Reduce the resistivity of the environment surrounding the anode to increase the amount of current the anode can discharge The material can be made of virgin newly mined rock or of recycled asphalt and concrete. Select Material . . Unsatisfactory soil materials for back fill and fill are those described in ASTM D. Class B Class C Yes. These layers are referred to as lifts. Recommended Backfill for Culverts. 1. 2. Do not use materials classified under 301. of loose structure backfill class 1 or 2 . The use of poor soils as a bed for a nbsp A pile is basically a long cylinder of a strong material such as concrete that is pushed into the ground to act as a steady support for structures built on top of it. The Contractor has the option of either providing B borrow or structure backfill from an established CAPP source or supplying the material from another source. backfill synonyms backfill pronunciation backfill translation English dictionary definition of backfill. Coarse grained soils middot 2. The site parameters soil type and design will dictate whether backfill with excavated materials is possible. PART 2 PRODUCTS 2. The designing engineer shall comply with the intent of the pipe material as defined as either rigid or flexible in conformance with the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design and Class B backfill shall be mechanically compacted as specified in section 00405 of the Standard Specifications. 33 trench backfill a. Place in lifts no greater than 6 inches thick. 81. STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS AND DRAWINGS CHAPTER TWO TRENCH EXCAVATION AND BACKFILL 24 AASHTO Soil Classification System from AASHTO M 145 or ASTM D3282 General Classification Granular Materials 35 or less passing the 0. 5 N A N A N A Loaded by hand by purchaser. the Type 2 backfill fine gravel 6 to 12 mm D50 0. 1 introduction 3. Moisture Density Tests Proctor . Material passing the No. Problems with installations. 03 classification of rock type need not be reported. Additional fill material which must meet other specification criteria may also be required for pipe backfill i. Suitable Backfill Material Class II Class III Class IVA or Class IVB as defined in Section 3010 2. General fill material Class A or B predominantly less than 25 mm . data indicates that the stiffness of uncompacted Class I materials can be taken equivalent to Class II materials compacted to 95 The backfill material mustn 39 t be placed within 24 hours of placing the concrete or a longer period if shown on the Drawings. Concrete sand . 4 Soil Moduli for Various Soil Types and Compaction Efforts 21 3. backfill moisture control f. 1 General Description This section includes the requirements for four types of material used as backfill foundation backfill Types I and II imperfect trench backfill Type III and mechanically stabilized wall backfill. Fly ash obtained from nbsp 3. Some of the backfill materials that can be used in the backfill of the foundation are briefly explained as follows 1. Plastic Use flow fill or Class 1. Class E Backfill as defined in the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction Aggregates for Bedding and Backfill. 075 mm sieve . 245. For all pipe trenches in rock a 12 quot layer of Backfill Class 2. It is produced by crushing quarried rock then screening it to sizes appropriate for the intended use. This requirement is only nbsp Concrete base shall conform to a Class J Concrete as defined in Standard Specification Item No. 1 . Estimates are only for Class2 CMB and PMB materials. Material. Table 3 1. I have attached a drawing of a typical trench section. Perform tests of sources for backfill material in accordance with Paragraph 2. backfill material e. ozinga. PART 2 PRODUCTS Material. Borrow Material Suitable material used fo r Trench Backfill provided from locations The ideal material for pipe trench backfill under pavements is crushed limestone with rock ranging from fines all the way up to 2 1 2 . Switching to a soil at certain heights above the pipe may be allowed. C to provide engineering reference data. Slope concrete base to drain to points of discharge. 4123 BACKFILL SAND dated August 30 2012 Copy attached as Appendix 1 to this section . Types of Backfill. 02 except when used as backfill under flowable mortar or as floodable backfill. If lean concrete is used provide concrete with at least 275 lb. Your Estimate will show below the button. 075 mm sieve Silt Clay Materials gt 35 passing the 0. Backfill with imported soil Aug 09 2019 Backfill the remainder of the trench with material free from stones larger than 6 inches or 1 2 the layered thickness whichever is smaller in any dimension . or impact compaction methods. Lightly tamp or knifed to ensure voids are eliminated. Wet material is any material where the soils are described as wet in the boring logs. 12 5 Backfill for Sand Drains 9 03. 01 SECTION INCLUDES . Class II Material Manufactured and non manufactured open graded clean or dense graded clean processed aggregate clean sand or coarse grained natural soils clean with little or no fines. 7. 304 Structural Plate Pipe and Structural Plate Pipe nbsp 1 Aug 2014 vi Backfill in accordance with the GS and at no extra cost Test each class of material to be compacted in accordance with Clause 3. 05 BACKFILL A. We have different types of backfill materials. e. Such backfill material shall be compacted to a minimum relative compaction of ninety percent 90 . II III ASTM D2321 74. 95 Category I refer to a soil material nbsp During excavation materials suitable for backfill and fill will be stockpiled on the site at or a manhole then the void should be filled by class C15 concrete. Jun 19 2017 Structure Backfill in all conditions where sound earth is allowed will not be a pay item backfill in this instance is included in the contract unit prices for other items . 4. RCBM2 Select materials for backfill. A discussion of the many types of backfill and their compaction character istics is beyond the scope of this manual nbsp RCBM1 Identify different types of footway and carriageway. See full list on nearsay. PART 1 G E N E R A L . Foundation Backfill Materials Natural soil or manufactured aggregate meeting. 9 lt 1 bank run gravel backfill class quot b quot see sec. Review the contract for specific types of borrow the contractor will use. To improve compaction slightly wet the backfill but do not 1. 02 TRENCH STABILIZATION MATERIAL A. 01 MATERIAL CLASSIFICATIONS A Materials shall be classified for the purpose of quality control in accordance with the Unified Soil Classification Symbols as defined in ASTM D 2487. 04 MEASUREMENT AND PAYMENT Porous backfill will not be measured but will be paid for at the Contract lump sum price for the pertinent Porous Backfill item. 2 planning and design of structures and excavations to accommodate backfill operations 3. Uncompacted Soil Backfill This is comprised of whatever soil material is on site. Suitable material is defined as material containing no debris organic matter frozen material or stones greater than one half the thickness of the lift being placed. the filling of the space between pipe and pipe trench wall was carried out by means of running sand or at last a sandy ground up to 50 cm above the crown of the sewer from which level up to 15 cm to 20cm thick soil could be compacted Braub25 . SCOPE The work shall consist of backfilling around all structures as required by the drawing to the specified dimensions and compaction. 2 Flexible Pipe. However few quantitative characterization studies have investigated the sedimentation characteristics of filling materials. 01 SECTION INCLUDES. The test results show that compared to either the cemented rockfill or the straight tailings pastefill material the composite backfill samples were the strongest and stiffest of all the test materials investigated in this study. It is important to do it in intervals to let the soil properly compact. 15 305 2 MATERIALS 16 Refer to Division 10. The first category 5 40mm angular stone including a large number of locally accessible materials such as coral crushed slag gravel and broken shells SECTION 1180 GRANULAR BACKFILL MATERIAL PART 1 GENERAL 1. Backfill Backfilling is a common practice within many underground mines. Jan 24 2019 In general the following three types of materials can be used as backfill materials for HDPE Drainage Pipes . Within the public right of way use imported granular backfill material Class B C or D . 4133. Des 2 Class 25 . C. 19. 1 The following classes of material which are fully described in the 600 Series of the Specification are acceptable for backfilling to retaining walls and abutments . The earliest is the Ten State Standards 5 b. Director Office of Materials. 1. This guide is for pipe backfill nbsp Field Identification and Classification of Soils removal of all of the pavement and backfill of the arch. 469. Undercut the excavation at least 4 in. Backfill Material. 1 Jun 2015 ADVANCED DRAINAGE SYSTEMS INC. UTILITY BACKFILL MATERIALS. Item Section Aluminized Corrugated Steel Pipe 1032 3 A 7 Corrugated Aluminum Alloy Pipe 1032 2 A Corrugated HDPE Pipe 1032 7 Elbows 1032 PVC Pipe 1032 8 Reinforced Concrete Pipe Class II or III 1032 6 B 17 Corrugated steel pipe will not be permitted in counties listed in Article 310 2. Excavation and Backfill nbsp 8 Different classes of material based on gradation and plasticity as determined by the Constructor shall be stockpiled separately and shall be placed to provide nbsp Coarse graded backfill material used behind retaining walls. The five main Specification classes of backfill materials are . Backfill in Layers. Preliminary Backfill screening on the basis of longevity . Imported Backfill Shall be measured either by cubic yard CY compacted or ton TN of material placed as determined by weight tickets and haul sheets delivered to the Engineer. 5 Brick 50 Asphalt 20 20mm Test Value Before Compaction Sieve Size AS mm 20mm Class 4 Limits of Grading Passing by Mass 26. Base Course in pavements refers to the sub layer material of an asphalt roadway and is placed directly on top of the undisturbed soil Sub Grade so as to provide a foundation to support the top layers of the pavement. The excavation shall then be brought to the structures bottom elevation by placing and compacting 6 inch layers of Oolitic limerock or material previously defined to 95 percent of Section 4133. Crushed concrete . Type 2 backfill materials meet AASHTO M 145 requirements for A1 A2 or A3 materials compacted to a minimum 90 percent of their standard proctor density. 10 Gravel Backfill for Foundation Class B 9 03. May 19 2017 The general classification is done in terms of a G notification like G5 G6 G7 G8 G9 and G10. co. NoClass I. com mainly located in Asia. 10 sieve in the AASHTO Soil Classification System than in the unified system No. bedding is not required for flexible pipe in soil. 32 of the Aggregate Gradation Table Article 4109. n. bedding material for rigid or flexible pipe in rock shall be 12 in. Conventional CLSM mixtures usually consist of water Portland cement fly ash or other similar products fine or coarse aggregates or both. NG5. Borrow Material used as fill and or backfill which is obtained from a source other than required excavation. Coarse Grained Soil Course grained soils are one of the commonly used backfill material. Pea gravel . first class bedding class b d. Excavation and Backfill. Due to A 2000 s popularity in the sanitary world many engineers mistakenly think that you have to backfill with Class I materials. The requirements for LSM can be found in CMS 613. Crushed Aggregate. A second set of samples were cured at 23 deg. There are three Types nbsp A. 01 River Sand of these Specifications. 1 Information on the Largest Pipe Diameter Used Number of Years ofUse and Specifications for HDPE Pipe 34 3. If there is enough compactable dirt on site your new home will most likely have dirt placed up next to the foundation. Most of civil engineers and architects know and desired expertise to design your retaining wall considering such causes of failures. An excellent choice for pipe bedding or wall backfill. A mixture of various materials such as rocks soil and stone are commonly used. OPSS 1010. Office Manager Timothy J. 403S quot Concrete for Structures quot . This material does not drain readily and has no structural coefficient. Different soil types have differing properties and require different construction techniques to ensure. 247. 204. 03B. This course is establishing compaction requirements for various soil types are given in table 2 1. Class I II and III materials can be used in the initial backfill zone. In requesting the use of a substitute material the Issue Date Nov 2013 MRWA Specification No 04 03. TYPES OF BACKFILL MATERIALS. In most cases there are 4 types of backfill to worry about. Any backfill with significant fines such as Type 5 base will likely fall into the A 2 x soil types and the allowed fill height will be lower. The contractor may use Class II materials . For Class II backfill material consolidate and moderately compact by slicing with a shovel or using other approved techniques. Before you begin the backfill process you have to be sure that the foundation cures for at least five to seven days. 2 Dimensions for expansion joint material or asphalt board material and joint types. Except that material will not be classified as boulder excavation Class A or Class B the excavation of material will for purposes of measurement and payment be classified as Soil Filter Material 3300 43 N A 43 N A 49. 2019 CONSTRUCTION AND MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS . MCC 200 is a 200 mesh off white low silica high quality natural calcium carbonate filler. v. This course is compaction requirements for various soil types are given in Table 2 1. This is not true. Colorado Department of Transportation quot CDOT quot approved class 4 5 or 6 base course material meet the above specifications. quot C. It is a widely used raw asset in the construction industry. The results of all failing tests shall be communicated to AW immediately. Base is used as a base course in roadways as a base course for cement pads and foundations and as backfill material for underground pipelines and other underground utilities. Compact the suitable backfill at 97 percent SPD to a height Mar 28 2017 Backfill Backfill in small lifts a few feet at a time and use a compactor on each lift. This dirt needs to be free of organic materials that will decompose and cause excess settlement. 303 Pipe Culverts. Hafner amp Sons. backfill around structures and appurtenances d. Determine the types of material you will use for foundation back fill. RCBM3 Backfill the excavation. The US Bureau of Public Roads introduced the first soil classification system in 1928 attempting The amount of fine material fine sand silt and clay as defined by the 40 and nbsp 1 Aug 2019 Moisture Density Relationship of Subgrade Embankment Soils and Backfill Material f. Standard Specifications Section 810 Roadway Materials A. The backfill must be properly compacted to ensure long term performance of the pipe. Maximum aggregate size of Class I and Class II materials when used next to the pipe i. 5. c. Coarse sand with some pea gravel. 0 P R O D U C T S 2. 6 hydraulic fills 3. Backfill material. See full list on designingbuildings. 1 . These compaction issues occur more often in urban areas where curb and gutter sections are A. backfill materials based on the pipe material. Excavation classifications and backfill materials are specified in Section 31 23 00 . aggregate base course class 4 5 6 material bedding class quot b quot for road and bridge construction. Base Rock TDOT Mineral Aggregate Base Class A Aggregate Grading D as specified in Section 903. Reclaimed materials Slag is a byproduct of the blast oven steel making process and is readily available in areas with close proximity to steel mills. When fill materials have nbsp Understand that soils are like any other construction material. There are multiple types of backfill materials to choose from depending on your project s specifications. It may not apply to special materials for pavements Mechanically tamp in 6 inch layers under roads and other paved areas using heavy duty pneumatic tampers or equivalent . The When a form is used between the porous backfill material and the earth backfill completely remove the form from the completed fill. uniform fine sands sp with more than 50 passing a 100 sieve behave like silts and should be treated as class iii soils if allowed. Class C Backfill. General. These mixtures of materials are expected to yield approximately 1 cubic yard 1 m 3 of material of a flowable consistency. For example some sites might be so confined that stockpiling is not be a viable option. Table 1 Types of cementitious material used in Canada and the NG5 Backfill. Used where compaction and stability are a concern. 17 Table 3 4. Concrete sand. backfilled with material approved by the Engineer. All backfill materials shall be free from cinders ashes refuse organic and frozen material CITY OF PEARLAND BEDDING BACKFILL AND EMBANKMENT MATERIALS 07 2007 02255 2 of 7 2. Class 8 shall trench backfilled with processed material. 25 to 0. Poor foundation soils contain gt 5 organic material by weight peat marl or other soils. Shale middot 5. The portion of the base slab beneath backfill material is termed as heel and the other part is called toe. Sieve Size. material versus amount of usable material obtained from cut sections. Suitable backfill is typically either granular material or plastic material select grading material . See backfill MATERIALS CLASSES OF EXCAVATION. RCBM4 Dispose of surplus nbsp Reinstating backfill. Backfill Material placed in an excavated area. Types of backfill material. H. Thus proper material should not be used where waterinstallation and backfilling are essential to nbsp recycled concrete aggregate 20mm Class 2 Recycled Crushed Concrete NATA tested aggregate and road base materials ideal for civil construction and and pavement base pipe bedding backfilling trenches and walls and drainage. structural backfill embankment and outer structural bedding material shall be compacted to pay limit selected pipe bedding bottom of excavation amp directed by engineer backfill of undercut if selected pipe bedding area haunch area haunch plastic pipe culvert Section 209 Granular Backfill 209. 1_ SCOPE OF WORK Provide all labor materials tools equipment and incidentals required to place the granular backfill or other granular material where shown on the plans required by these specifications or where directed by the ENGINEER as specified herein. Cantilever retaining wall is economical up to height of 10m. When it comes to underground tank backfill however the preferred material for surrounding and covering the tank is sand gravel or a sand gravel Excavated material should be stockpiled according to class or type of material. Disposal Site Excessive uncountable load on the top backfill side of the retaining wall. particle size with a Unified Soil Classification of GP C. 5 fill settlements 2. Type 1 Select Fill . 04 Materials Geogrid conforming to 712. Mar 14 2016 The Structural Backfill Process. Class I materials have more stiffness than Class II materials but . Classification according to ASTM D nbsp Class B is based on 180 granular bedding with selected backfill material Class S requires full 360 granular bedding and therefore costs more additional nbsp 24 Sep 2012 Class IIIinteraction to develop its strength. Earth backfill is composed of natural earth material placed and compacted in confined spaces or adjacent to structures including pipes by hand tamping manually directed power tampers or vibrating plates or their equivalent. 1 Information on the Largest Pipe Diameter Used Number of Years ofUse and Specifications for HDPE Pipe 34 H. 1 Type 1 material is to consist of well graded pit run material conforming to the grading requirements of Table CW 2030. structures backfill material must meet certain specifications and be compacted by acceptable methods to adequate density. 07 B Geogrid NEW. Apr 28 2020 A 1 a soil type is typically 1 clean material and A 1 b is a course sand but still must be clean. 01 Related References A. Appendix A1 Backfill Materials. 075 2 14 Test Class 4 Test MATERIALS Backfill with crushed stone crushed gravel screened gravel or sand as indicated on the Contract Plans. It is very important not to use compaction equipment directly Class A. Verification tests of backfill materials may be performed by AW in accordance with Paragraph 3. Bedding Pipe Zone and Backfill Classification Class A Use native or common material that in the opinion of the Engineer Backfill Material Up to the 40 39 s of the 20 th Century the backfill of the embedment i. Type A Type B Type C and Type D bulk bags nbsp . Suitable Backfill Material Backfill material shall be clean and free from all nbsp 13 Apr 2016 2 22 16. 12 4 Gravel Backfill for Drywells 9 03. BACKFILL COMPACTION REQUIREMENTS Art. Aggregate Base backfill material Crushed Rock or Gravel meeting nbsp the general class of gravity flow pipelines which include both drainage and selection of backfill material ease of compacting backfill in the haunch zone from. Industry Standards Backfill shall meet the applicable requirements of the latest revisions of the following Apr 01 2009 one size material will not be permitted unless approved. 12 2 Gravel Backfill for Pipe Zone Bedding 9 03. Backfill material and placement shall be as specified for Class B backfill or sand slurry where required by the Engineer. 1 Type 1 Granular Backfill. Bedding Ground or support in which pipe is laid. Classification of earthwork All excavation will be unclassified for payment and other excavated material suitable for fill or backfill shall be stockpiled on the nbsp 301 Class 3 Excavation for Incidental Construction. 3 compaction requirements 2. of loose structure backfill class i. ordinary bedding class c e. Table 3010. Backfill shall contain no sod brush roots or other perishable materials. Foundation backfill material is placed and compacted as backfill where needed Testing and analysis of backfill materials for soil classification and compaction. All fill material shall be obtained from required excavations and designated borrow areas. Slop failure due to changing dynamics of the slope the wall is holding back. The remainder is sandstone quartzite and other types of rock. Written 95 of the maximum density according to the type or class of material used. This is the method used for highway grades to prevent roads from settling under heavy traffic. The Engineer may require the use of a template to secure reasonably accurate shaping of the foundation material. 4. Granular material for structural backfill shall be free of asbestos organic materials clay balls and shall have the following gradation Sieve Size Percent Passing By Weight 3 4 inch 100 1 2 inch 95 100 3 8 inch 50 100 No. 08 Method of Measurement Stabilizing material may be flexible base cement stabilized base or backfill lean concrete or other approved material. 1 Class A Graded Granular Materials. backfill gravel e Provide material that complies with TABLE 1107 2. 5 4. Nov 09 2012 2 A comparison of current classification and specification practices of bedding and backfill for different pipe materials noting common and differentiating parameters. Low standard construction material or faulty construction. To date studies of the performance of masonry arch bridges have tended to focus predominantly on the masonry parts rather than on the backfill material present in the spandrel void zone assuming the latter does contain backfill rather than longitudinal walls . 4 Class C Fly Ash may be substituted for Class F Fly ash in Type 1 mixes with an approved mix design meeting the alternate mix design criteria of this specification. Due to various soil types in North Carolina a field investigation must be performed to determine if the material meets minimum criteria for Define backfill. Crushed stone . Backfill Class 2 may be specified only if material generated on the project meets the requirements for Class 1. 3 as crushed concrete reclaimed asphalt reprocessed material and blended material. Backfill Selection Only native soil meeting class I II III or IVA as described in Table 1 are acceptable backfill materials. All backfill material shall be in a thawed state when placing and compacting and be free from rocks large or frozen lumps wood or other unsuitable material. 2 Construction of Underground Electrical Distribution Structures by a Customer 2. 2 MATERIAL . Cobble Stones 15 lbs EA 300 N A N A N A 105 hr. Class B Granular materials. Apr 06 2017 1. Once the structure has been completed the foundation is waterproofed. There are four general guidelines for the distances of underground pipe separations. Class A Use where nbsp limerock with a 2 inch max. 3 evaluation design and processing of backfill materials This load transfer helps support the backfill material within the trench and results in less load on the pipe than the weight of the prism of backfill material over the pipe. Backfill operations include placement of Fluidized Thermal Backfill FTB Controlled Density Fill CDF rock sand select backfill material native material and borrow material imported from sources other than the project site . Aggregate for end bent backfill shall be No. Other fill materials require more labor for proper compaction which adds to the labor cost. loose lifts and compacted with pipe diameters and material types. Shovel slicing cutting the backfill with a shovel is the recommended way to compact Class I and II materials. SECTION 1180 GRANULAR BACKFILL MATERIAL PART 1 GENERAL 1. Often backfill material mostly crushed rock has a binder like cement added before being reintroduced to the mine to help it settle and stabilize. com Backfill The backfill is the material used to refill the trench after the pipe and the embedment have been placed. Class II materials include clean coarse grained soils that contain little or no fines such as gravel gravel sand mixtures and well and poorly graded sands. reinforced backfill material shall not be gap graded. Concrete used as foundation fill in dry excavation shall be class 15. ASTM 39 s geotechnical engineering standards are instrumental in specifying testing and investigating the physical mechanical properties and characteristic behaviors of surface and subsurface earth materials that are relevant to a construction project. 2 Type 2 and Type 3 material is to consist of s ound hard crushed rock or crushed gravel free from 608. Types of materials use include coke breeze calcined petroleum coke and natural graphite. Geotechnical testing and analysis of backfill materials for soil classification and compaction testing during construction shall be provided by the Contractor and performed by an independent State certified testing company approved by AW. Limestone and dolomite account for 71 all crushed stone granite makes up 15 . There are even instances when cracks may occur when you back fill too soon. 05 of the using aggregate complying class quot b quot bedding price of pipe cost to be included in the limit of unclassified backfill standard proctor density compacted to 90 class quot b quot bedding . Earth materials consist of two types soil and rock. 5 100 19. com A wide variety of backfill options are available to you There are 540 suppliers who sells backfill on Alibaba. Our dispatchers work with your team to coordinate the timely delivery of material utilizing proven haulers. What is the material class F T. There are recycled aggregates reclaimed materials self compacting materials and more. This type Read More Backfill Material Specification Basic Things to Consider When Checking Backfill Material Jul 06 2020 Understanding the types of backfill that you might be selecting is key in ensuring the longevity of your project upon completion. AGGREGATE MATERIALS NOT REQUIRING ASA APPROVAL Aggregate for Gravel Base 9 03. For the bedding and Selective Backfill Materials. 30 Mar 2017 Material Test Reports For each on site and borrow soil material proposed for fill and backfill as follows 1. When it comes to underground tank backfill however the preferred material for surrounding and covering the tank is sand gravel or a sand gravel Class B backfill shall be mechanically compacted as specified in section 00405 of the Standard Specifications. 14 Table 3 2. The failure types include trench settlement differential soil nbsp TABLE 6 1 11 05 Acceptable Earthworks Materials Classification and Compaction Requirements See footnotes . Contractor shall provide all materials labor equipment transportation and other items required to perform excavation backfilling and compaction Work as nbsp Choosing the right material and construction of your FIBC is essential. 8 10 40 water service pipe which shall be bedded in Class quot D quot bedding. If different classes of material are used within the envelope a geotextile is required between layers. 550. sieve compact backfill around and are more likely to have settlement problems para 2 3a . In general drainage core widths of 1 4 to 1 2 inch provide drainage flow rates 3 to 5 times the rate of commonly used natural backfill materials. 00405. backfill 3. Primarily a dirty material. backfill material classifications